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About Me(Who else?)


Yes this Is me!I am BFF's with: Pissed Off Poptart and -Kuari-Neko-. smile I LOVE:Coffee!COFFEE!COFFEE!!,my kitties,And Potatoes arent that great!Ok I'll admit I like corn! ((xD, Inside Joke))
But I'll name my 5 cats: Pinky,Ricky,TJ,Harry,Tigerlilly(Nicknamed tigerbaby)And then the runaway:Rocky.
But im very hyper If you havent noticed!Becuase every Friday at my school when we go to SEARCH we get COFFEE!! And on the rare occasion BISCOTTI! ((Well, we used to. Now I get it every other MORNING!))
(And anybody who doesnt like coffee gets killed by a deranged kitty!)
I have three nicknames as far as Im concerned...Actually QUITE a few!!
Eri: Just a short version of my name
Gertrude: My old SEARCH teacher...Dont ask...
Tiiiiimmmmbeerr: Well Jake and Adam love to push me down because I ALWAYS fall. so thus they call me timmberrr!!
Invisable when sideways: I think this one speaks for itself. smile
Sometimes angry women: I was on my bus and I was in a bad mode when Sean poked me so I slapped him and became Sometimes Angry Women.
Giggly Girl: i have a problem such as if someone says pudding I burst out laughing. I laugh at evrything there is to laugh at. I never stop laughing. Jake will say ''Dont laugh!''. I start laughing. Yah, Noooot cool.
Egg Head: We played the name game to learn each others names and I was Erica and I like Eggs. Yep that gave me that one.
Wow!! Listing my nicknames could go on forever!! I think you get the idea.

Random facts about mehself ::
1. I lovelovelovelove the Jonas Brothers
2. I say Oh My Jonas (OMJ for short)
3. My fav color is pink, fav store is Aero, and my favorite outfit is a black denim mini skirt, a pink tank top, and silver flats
4. I am ubsessed with a dude named... No name. There is no one at the moment...
5. My youtube name with Jonas Brothers stuff is :: NJKJonasxoxo
6. I love the website Quizilla (With JB stuff)
7. Zoe and Taylor are ppl who make awesome Jonas stories.
8. I'm very clumsy and I tripped over an anthill in the 5th grade. ((And landed on a nickel!))
9. My bestest friend DOESN'T go out with a dude named Nick Marshinn!
10. My OtHeR bestest friend moved to Michigan. crying
11. I'm a NINJA! ((Read bottom for more info...))

Uhh.. Thats all I can think off for right now.. SO heres a whole bunch of random quotes by ME and My BFF's ::

-"I got some cherry flavor lip gloss!"

- "Eww skin get away from me!"

- "I get the axe, you get the pitchfork!"

- "Do you have a towel?.. Does it work??"

- "Wasnt that in the closet? Not that I was in the closet!"

- "You opened like 10 windows! Actually it was 7...."

- "I despise any purse thats white and has hearts, Says my black eye!"

- "AHH! Its raining CANDY!"

- *In history class an answer was : Teddy Rosevelt* Brooke was answering the question, Alonzo tryed to help ::
Brooke - Ahhhh! I almost remember!
The Class - *XD* **We later found out that he meant the 'Teddy' part of it.**
- *We were walking into Curse of Pompei, With Beccas parents behind us* Person behind us: Can I get in front of you?
Becca: Yah, Sure.
*All 3 of us double take and see a Zombie*
Us: AHH!!!!!!

- *Were in half way through Pompei and I see a mummy against the wall*
Me: HAH! You didnt scare me!!

- *We were in the Wicked Woods Maze and we were in a graveyard full of smog* *theres a dude behind a grave*
Me: HEY! You look likes Virginias daddy!!

- *Dude jumps out from a tree*
Me:.....*10 seconds later* AHH!!!!

- On the scare trail out of the Never After,
*Mutated bunny looks at me*
Becca and Me: Look! Its a mutated bunny!!
Bunny: HAHA!!
Me: NA HA!!!

- *Little Red Riding Hood walks up to us*(she looked like a...like a..I dunno what!)'
*Riding Hood looks at Livvy*
Me: *Whispers to Becca* Slut. (I think she heard me because Becca nearly fell down laughing and she chased us)

- *Man with clacky gloves*
Man: *clacks* *starts following and clacking*
Becca: I can snap my finger too! *snaps*

- *Vampire walks up to us*
Vampire: *Does his arms as to say "WHAT?"
Me and Becca: Oh! You all up in my Grillz! *Does the arm thing to him*

- *In the never after theres a man thats reall tall and is a tree*
Becca: He looks like your dad Erica!!!!

- *Girl standing against the wall*
Me and Becca: Hayy!!!
Girl: *Watches us go* *As were in the next room she comes up behind us* *Squeals*
Me: HEY! That sounded like me!!!

- *On the way out of the never after*
Zombie: *runs up behind us and steps on my flip-flop*
Me: I pull up my foot as he lets go *my flip flop soared through the air and landed about 5 feet in front of me* AHH!! I SHOULD SUE!!!!!

- *Everywhere in the park after dark* Thats not just any ordinary -Insert name of inanimant object here- its a deadly -Insert name of same inanimant object here-!

I know, We're a whole bunch of retards. xD But this happens to be a normal day for me.

The pictures around the page are pictures of me and my friends being weird or just plain HAWT pictures of the Jonas Brothers!!! So ya know what point and laugh all you want! <3

And these are just random quotes from The Jonas Brothers....

-"You can take these presents underneath my tree, you can take this awesome scarf my grandma made for me, you can take these boxers tied off with string, Cause all I want for Christmas is the Girl of My Dreams."
-'Girl of My Dreams'

-"There's more to life than just to live."
-'Hold On'

-"I'm Enricka Eglasias."
"No, your Joe."
"I'm Enricka Eglasias."
-Joe and Nick

Kevin - "I just figured out yesterday that putting Poptarts in the microwave tastes SO much better!"
Nick - "You didnt know that!?!? Haven't you ever read the back of the BOX?"
Kevin - "No! I didnt know thats the way they were to be made!"
Nick - "They're called POPtarts."
Kevin - "And an egg doesnt say 'Crack me'!"
Nick - "Well it doesnt have to! You cant eat egg shell and raw egg!"
Kevin - "Pffft. Your just jealous!"

"Your smile makes my heart sing another sad song, I cant forget it, Wont regret it, Cause I'm Still In Love With You." (I thought it good to put this here Ginia.) -'Still In Love With You'

Hello Beautiful, it's 7:05 here in Australia, so please Hold On while I explain to you what happens When You Look Me In The Eyes. In the Year 3000 you would be What I Go To School For and I'd always say Nick J Is Off The Chain because Thats Just The Way We Roll. Now I'd Appritiate it if you Dont Tell Anyone because I got this Crazy Kind Of Crush On You and You Just Dont Know It. I wish I can switch places with Mandy just for 6 Minutes because I know we would be Inseperable. Then I could just Move On just like the Games they play in Hollywood. But deep down I'm Still In Love With You. I dont wanna be Just Friends, I know I might be an Underdog in this situation but I Am What I Am. I've been sending out SOS's hoping you would help out some Poor Unfortunate Souls because I Wanna Be Like You. I know we're talking about the Kids Of The Future and it seems like it just may be an Eternity before "Please Be Mine", but we can always take it One Day At A Time. Now its Time For Me To Fly, so Goodnight And Goodbye.

>w< Only Jonas Brothers fans would know what that is. C:

Speaking of them again ::
I write FanFics with them in it and the link to all my stories, quizzes, etc. is -
Go check it out! >w<


Hope you had fun too Becca, Celeste, Livvy, Zoe, & Taylor!


Look to the side. The pink picture is one side of one of the notes GinGin wrote me. I whited out all of the important parts so you can try to read it all you want. It's just an example. C:

I'm the Giggle Ninja!
Isn't that right
Black Death Ninja?
If you're wondering, I'm The Black Death Ninja's sidekick, and then theres the Flower Ninja, and the Flower-Eater Ninja.
Their our minions. C:
You can figure out who's who all by yourself!

Lindsey : "Did you just call me a breadstick?"
Me : "NOOO. But now I will!"
Lindsey : "Fine then! You can be my.... cheesestick!"

Desi : "You threw them away? You mean in the TRASH CAN?"

Jake : "I got a boyistriker!!"

Lindsey : "Gimme a locker and a name."


Virginia's Mommy : "I am moody. This is what I feel inside. See my darkness." [:

Lindsey :"Are you done petting my hair?"

Tori : "Oh I know!! Give my his email so I can call him fat!! PRETTYYY PLEASEEEE?"

Me : "I want to move to Canada... where the moosey are...." -makes antlers out of hands- [I say this rather often]

Me: "NO Corey! Chuckie will NOT get in bed with you!"

Corey: "I thought it was thunder!" [Reffering to Chuckie's stomach growling during the Science exam.]

Next time I like a guy, I'll just have to avoid that person. Cause I don't want this to happen again.
For now, I guess I'll stick to The Jonas Brothers.


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My Confusing and Crazy Life of Love!

My documents of life away from Gaia, My many loves, My friends, And hated people. It may seem Crazy and Confusing, But thats what its all about, Right?


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SpeedLimit-Infinity Report | 03/11/2009 3:48 pm
Okay. He gets on sometimes though, because he left me a comment like a month ago and it was very random because I didn't expect him to get on...

It's because he has no friends from school on here. But seriously, if he used the forums he could find a LOT of people that are interested in the same stuff he's interested in. He'd like Gaia better then.
SpeedLimit-Infinity Report | 03/06/2009 8:25 pm
;D Thank you. You get him when you watch a trailer, one of those freebie things. I was like, "Oh my gawd awesome" ;3
SpeedLimit-Infinity Report | 03/06/2009 6:50 pm
;D And now I have the turn down the complicated button on the mp3.
SpeedLimit-Infinity Report | 02/22/2009 3:06 pm
Don't worry, I read all of it. C:

So Desi DOES go out with Brad now... how weird. O_o And I'm glad she didn't have to be all awkward (trust me, I've been there ;~; )

I've never seen a chocolate fountain before, but I've wanted to so badly! D:

I kinda finished my project... I made a Bowser and Toad out of clay. They're skiing down a hill... I just have to make the hill out of something; and then write a paragraph about it. It's the whole F=m•a, Newtons 2nd Law demonstration; Bowser will be farther down the hill than Toad because he has a much greater mass. My Bowser looks ******** awesome. ;D
SpeedLimit-Infinity Report | 02/21/2009 9:51 am
Go look at my favorite quotes on my profile. There's one I want you to see. C:
SpeedLimit-Infinity Report | 02/06/2009 4:25 pm
Oh yeah... that thing with Kim... xP Well my mom said she was a bitchy republican. (which I personally find to be HILARIOUS) I dunno, but I kinda agree. Not about the whole bitchy part though, because I appreciate that Kim cares about me somewhat, and makes yummy food and pays for my basic needs... But my mom said, "I'm your real mother. Not Kim. I dislike the fact that she thinks she has a more powerful dissision than I do. You shouldn't have gotten in trouble!" And Kim was majorly mad over the fact that I "bailed out" of something I should have participated in. She was like, "What lesson are we teaching you as your parents if we let you bail out of your responsibilities?!" Me: "But Enrinchment Friday isn't required!" Kim: "It's part of the school day! You need to stay in school. What would happen if I bailed out on doing the laundry or dishes just because they are boring?" Me: "The school won't fall appart if I'm not at enrinchment Friday. They could care less rather or not I show up..." Kim: "Well, you know what I mean!" Me: "Yes, I do.." BLAH BLAH BLAH BLECK. Anywyas... It's resolved now. The yard looks lovely, and my Wii is back... I'm happy. C:

But still, no one at my dad's house even know half of my accomplishments. They have no idea that I run a website, and that I'm a sucsessful protester on Gaia, and a sucsessful planner, and I know a LOT about Macs, and resolve many friendship problems, and I feel proud that I take on FPS and Search and Geometry. Kim said she didn't want Morgan to be in search because it would mess up her regular scheduel and stuff, but wtf?! You only have one lifetime, might as well make it amazing! >_< Stupid Morgan. I wish I could yell it to her face that I overheard herr on the phone. I can't look at her the same way ever again. I look at her smiling at me innocently at some random moment, and think "STUCK-UP BIT...ter..."GTG EAT, BYE
SpeedLimit-Infinity Report | 02/06/2009 4:02 pm
Yeah, I know what Dora means. C: Nice word. Let's keep that. And, yeah, it does... (("it" meaning, "red firetruck", because firetrucks don't have genders! xD ))

Yeah, I like making up my own words. Even though I'm a hugemungus grammar freak.

I feel so sleepy from that Pruden trip... Yet I had a Frapachino when I got home, and I can feel the potential raging up inside me. It doesn't want to come out though... O_o;; I hate this feeling. D:
SpeedLimit-Infinity Report | 01/29/2009 2:55 pm
Oh, yeah, I forgot to say~ Yes, email is a beautiful thing, but do you know what's even beautifuller? SPELL CHECK! ;D
SpeedLimit-Infinity Report | 01/29/2009 2:54 pm
xD WOW that's a lot of comments.

Hey, you know your Kappa plush? WHO THE HECK IS KAPPA ANYWAYS?! On Animal Crossing: CF there's a Kappa hat, kappa beak, and kappa suit that you can buy, but WHO IS HE?! D: He's scaring me! First Gaia, now Animal Crossing... Next, my nightmeres! T__T
Eyesofthemoon03 Report | 01/27/2009 5:09 pm
ha thats funny, i kinda like readin other peoples fanfictions online. U wont bellive how many people write about this crud! i mean holy mother there was a freskin petition to the creators to try to get an alternate zutara ending... thats hard core fangirls! imagine say u want nick to be with miley in a series or sumthin but he ends up with selena gomez,it gives u a burnin desire to destroy right? I guess thats how they feel.. btw that was an example..


Jonas Brothers Are LOVE!
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What would I do without them?


My bestest buddy drew this for meh!
>w< I luff you Ginia!!

Meh Avvie!!

Ginia!! >w<

Tommy, T-T, Love you!

Don't kill me Becca! C:

Apparently Matt's being a Nazi!
(According to Tori)

Becca, (Below) and I (Above)
limboing in Jamaica!

This is just a video of my
besties buddies!
I wanted you guys to know how awesome
you are! C: Love ya!

I mean...who needs skittles when you have
overly colored, toxicated, not cheesecake flavored
CRAYONS....not me!