This is my mule account

My main one is
Kaylyn is rad

My very FIRST account was
but it got banned for no reason.

pshhaah what-ev. That was like so long ago, I'm over it.

Anywho, if you haven't figured it out by now, my name is Kaylyn!

I have a myspace, if you're going to add me on myspace please send me a message telling me you're from gaia otherwise I will NOT add you. I get sooo many friend requests on myspace it's crazy.

I is a vegetarian, I do not eat meat. All though I drink milk and eat cheese. I do not eat eggs though...I just don't like them. Go to youtube.com and type in Slaughter House or something along those lines, watch what they do to animals. After watching vids like that, you come tell me if you're still going to eat meat after seeing that.

I is almost 19 years young, April/28th/2008 is meh birthday.

I is a smoker, been smoking since I was 13. My friend at the time was a horrible HORRIBLE influence and got me into loads of trouble. So don't EVER smoke kids!!! I'm trying to quit and it's hella hard.

I don't really have a religion atm, I know my main profile says I'm agnostic, but I just don't know anymore. But don't ask about my religion ever....I'll bite your head off about it.

My ultimate favorite band is The Used. But I'm not emo. They've been my favorite band since before that shitty emo fad. The Used is NOT emo.

Dane Cook is a silly b***h! He is also my future hubby. You just wait.

I have a wiener dog. His name is Bandit...he is my only pet atm. I used to have another dog named Roxie, but she died of old age. Poor thing was like 12 or 13 when she died. She was the best damn dog ever. Bandit's a little spoiled a*****e who gets whatever he wants.

My parents got divorced when I was 13, around the time I started smoking and acting out.

I live in The Internet... ((AKA-Don't ask where I live)))

I is very family and friends oriented

I do have a life besides gaia

I drink ginger ale everyday....tis my anti-drug.

Oh, and I don't do drugs....used to...but not anymore. I like my brain cells thank you very much.

Art is one of my passions, I lurve photography! And drawing, and other stuff. But I believe I'm best at photography.

Hot p!nk and Neon Green are my two favorite colors.

If someone wants to donate 10k to me so I can change my username that would be loverly.

Well thats all for now!


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I don't really know any other sites that have premade gaia profiles.

and I am way too lazy to make my own.


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Your layout is fantastic already, but if you want to know...

It's just from tektek!


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Kaylyn is rad

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Kaylyn is rad

Tis true bish! I owneth thy

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hi.... how ave u been

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beee doooooo

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lala lee laaa

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major kudos!


I like love to RP
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donate 10k so I can change my username??
Hugs=zero sad