my name is zach im into deathnote and runescape. im a giant Legned of Zelda fan. wat else do you need to know?im shy quirky but fun once you get to know me. i guess you can call it antisocial.., i like to be diffrent folowing sociecty to me is just wrong. who cares wat others think be yourself and express it.
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I play with photoshop alot..
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Captivating with sadistic intentions to exalt the carrion
Holding onto faith like it would help me anyway
Up on my feet. Vehemence takes over as I pave the way to anatomical feasts
Severing the ties I once endured to understand why it is that I crave the dead
Going by my knowledge of popular culture
I find a sense in malpracticing the common ways
Wallowing in claret. I long for such salvation
For when I'm through. I shall wear your pride upon my lips
Songs of the dead will eternally be chanted
Before sepulture. I must purloin the genitalia.
I must find pleasure when you're gone
An injection of sodium thiopental applied.
Your eyes are getting heavy now. I smell your fear
Delusions and paranoia are setting in
Control in my hands. I now shall purge.
With the saw I maim. By the saw I live
Inhaling fumes of the putrid festered funk
As I drain the throbbing cysts from the gangrenous v****a
The mordant reek is overtaking every inhalation
The nausea is overwhelming. I stop to heave
Brought forth are my confessions to the dead
As the lies coincide with vitriolic clues
We all will spread disease
We're all deceased
Carved in your face. The sacrilegious rites
These words bring truth to what was foretold
Corpses and bile will reconcile
The rumors of this forensic plague
By these words I am one with the dead
And with this I've claimed the one which I'm wed
Until death do us part. We'll rot hand in hand.


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Xxgamer chickxX

Report | 07/10/2010 10:29 pm

Xxgamer chickxX


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omg i cant my dad took my texting away sad dont quit i wanna keep talking to u how have u been

Report | 07/10/2010 8:10 pm


omg like ur finallly on

Report | 05/08/2010 3:10 pm


Did you here about Whitechapel's new album A New Era of Corruption.It's debuting in June 8th.They have the track The darkest day of man on their myspace page.You could add this to the forum.

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Well happy birthday my dear friend :]
Hope you get many things and you blow out
the candles smiling. I don't know what you wanted
so I got you a song that I hope will make you smile.


Report | 11/14/2009 8:55 am


How are you my best buddy.
I hope you are doing great.
Saw that your birthday is coming up :0
Lucky! Mine comes in 4 months crying
I don't wanna keep growing but
I love my birthdays lol.
I hope you are on that day!
<3 Belith

Report | 11/13/2009 1:15 pm


sup. no you dont know me. Saw your comment on featured avatar and thought your avi looked cool. Saw you were a Death Note fan and knew i was right about you. Awesome anime all in all. Light deserves what he gets coming to him. L pwns.
Devvy Bunneh

Report | 11/06/2009 2:37 pm

Devvy Bunneh

same,but i hate that day lol
Devvy Bunneh

Report | 11/06/2009 2:33 pm

Devvy Bunneh

just sittin' here talking to people :3 and i have homework D:


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