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Art Request

D'ya vant an ART?
I'll give you art, you give me gaia_gaiagold

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yum_puddi I do not do digital art (my eyes'll hurt if I'm on the computer for too long) but my traditional drawings are good. 4laugh
yum_puddi My shop's open all the time. Whether I'm out or not
yum_puddi I pass my art a week after the request. You don't want your request to be a horrible one, do you? cool
yum_puddi I accept:
Gaia Avi (colored/black and white)
Gaia Pose (colored/black and white)
Gaia in Action (colored/black and white)
Seldom done
(only drawn if I like your avi)

yum_puddi My following samples are just taken via camera (on cp xd ) so bear with it. But when I pass, I guarantee you that your requests will be scanned. Like this one:


This is my sister's art. I got it without permission. LoLz. But she's okay with it. Hahaha. She loves me

yum_puddi For the prices... we'll talk about it! mrgreen

If Interested...

yum_puddi Please fill out the form via private message:

to be drawn avi: (picture please)
style: (as indicated above)
extra info:
offer: :gaiagold:

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My Partner

For a better and nicer art, I'm gonna be doing a fused art with my sister:


She'll do the drawing and I'll do the color and some dingalings.

Kindly contact her for more info.

Our combined art is detailed and can be customized according to our customer's wish.

stewpehd sistah