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Name: Nancy (how un-asian)
Age: 27 (6/21)
Gender: Female

Random Facts:

*I love to cook
*I LOVE ART! Draw for me?
*My birthday is both the 1st day of summer AND the longest day of the year~
*I LOVE video games
*Im a nurse
*I had my son on Mother's Day :3


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Yuzuriha Kamikaze (Yuzi_K)

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My Past on Gaia
I first joined Gaia on Dec. 12th, 2003. Back then, gold was so hard to get! I remember thinking 4k was a ton of moola XD But I digress.. Shortly after joining, a friend an I started a charity called the 'Quest Aide Charity'. It was pretty popular, so in Feb. 2004 we decided to expand it. The second charity we made was called 'Impulsive Donation Disorder (IDD) Charity'. Thats when everything practically blew up. I became immersed in the charity community making many friends and burrowed myself into the Exchange forum to make deals. I eventually made a few friends there, too. Around June of 2004, I got a taste of the Gaian art community by commissioning my first ever avatar art. From then on, I was in love. I created one of the first multi-artist shops in the R&C forum, the Aesthetic Artist's Association, in July 2004. I dont draw, so I was content to manage a bunch of very friendly and talented artists. At this point, my friend had stopped comming to Gaia and we decided to close the charity for good. I made almost a clean break from the charity forum for R&C. I don't regret doing so, as I still have most of my charity friends and I felt I was moving on to the next phase of my Gaian experience. R&C has eaten most of my gold and old items, though. XD But then again, I have a bunch of art I can always keep.

Towards the end of 2004, I felt myself growing tired of the repetitiveness of being on Gaia, and thought that I needed a break. I resolved to take a break from Gaia for 1 month after the Christmas event. That never happened. Something told me to stay on Gaia and be active every day. In January 2005, I found myself being nominated to the position of a dedicated moderator. That was one of the best days I have ever had XD I still remember checking my PMs before walking to class. I was practically hysterical o__o

Gaia moderation
Moderating Gaia has been one of the most hair-pulling, frustrating, exasperating, and most rewarding things I have experienced on Gaia. Even though it can be lots of work and you have a force of people who dislike you, there is always that ONE person that can make your day by saying 'thank you'. I dont think I would trade moderating for anything, really. I enjoy it although it takes up most of my time and energy.

Click> No longer a moderator < Click

Zurg 2006 Event
To keep it short, yes, I was in the storyline for the Christmas 2006 Zurg plot along with a few others, named and unnamed. Those named weren't asked to be in the plot, but it was amazing. This was the last event I remembered having a true personal touch. I miss those event days.

Click for the manga update:
The Death of Alien 09

In the present, real life has taken the front seat. I have a family and work/school to care for. can you believe it's been 10 years since I started coming here? I still check in on Gaia, though much less than I used to. As the site takes a downward trend, I'm usually confined to a guild with other crotchety oldbies. I do still lurk out in GCD and the art forums, though, so I may see you there!


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Shallotte Report | 03/15/2019 12:16 pm
Hey, Yuzi! I've been trying to compile all of the zurg event history on a wikia- and found out that you were one of the few gaian's made canon by the lore.

It's almost impossible to find alien conversations and user interactions without help; so would you mind speaking to me about it when you get the chance?
Shiro Nishida Report | 06/21/2018 6:16 am

Another year, another post, but I sincerely hope you're doing alright wherever you may be.

Happy Birthday, Yuzi~
Shiro Nishida Report | 06/21/2017 8:45 pm

Happy Birthday, Yuzi! May you eat as much cake (or pie) as you want and have a beautiful time! emotion_yatta
Sensedog Report | 06/21/2015 8:29 pm
Hey, Happy Birthday.

Party hard if you can!
kiironobara Report | 06/15/2014 6:05 pm
I've been doing quite well.
kiironobara Report | 06/15/2014 4:42 pm
Long time no chat. Hope you're well!
Rain Pebble Report | 04/10/2014 1:55 pm
Thank you for your purchase~
Please enjoy your new item heart
Aquafire Report | 01/28/2014 1:58 pm
*was poked* 4laugh
rude idea Report | 12/23/2013 8:33 am
So you bit the bullet and got your wings! Congrats.
And I see your hair is just as crazy as irl xd
Ashercroix Report | 12/17/2013 10:11 pm
Thanks so much! ^_^ Merry Christmas! heart

Art Whoring

This is notable art I have commissioned.


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by: Angeliq

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by: Vena

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by: Angeliq


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