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Ayyy, I'm Yuuta Kaoru but you can call me by a variety of names. I'm also referred to as Misa, Sang, Daddy, or Holland but I pretty much answer to anything.
I'm in my twenties, go to an University, and work two jobs.
I am super lazy and really laid back.
I like making lists for some reason, though.
Also like to sleep, take pictures, and eat.
I'm a hoarder, I won't deny it.
I'm really on this site to roleplay and I normally roleplay as males. If you want to roleplay, try checking here. You can try to convince me to do a one x one but I'm currently only doing walk-ins because I really dislike doing profiles.

I enjoy watching a lot of television/anime/dramas/YouTube and I listen to pretty much everything excluding Country.
It's hard for me to figure out what I favorite. Bottom line is that I like a lot of things and I hate a lot of things.
I anger super easily but since we're on the Internet, I doubt that you'd make me really angry. HAHA.

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I really like watching gameplays, drag queens, and other random stuff.
Jackscepticeye, Markiplier, Cryaotic, PewDiePie, DunkeyGames, CinnamonToastKen, CutiePieMarzia, SUPERFRUIT
Willam's Beat Down, Unghhhh with Trixie Mattel and Katya Z.
Dari's covers give me life.

My Anime List

Shout out to my family.
#BBB2016 #HooseGraduation #RoadTrip2k17 #NINGI #Yolo #SonoftheSheppard

Blargh, Ji, Panda, Hwa, Hoose, Cia, Yara, Kimmie, Leo, Goat Child

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Yuuta's Notes

Expect a LOT of complaints. A pessimistic person looking to be optimistic``


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Pancakes-Follower Report | 06/24/2017 4:22 pm
Hi-hi. I just randomly went onto my profile and saw the message you wrote for me after my birthday.
I miss rping with you. Even though we didn't actually interact that much D:
Wish we could have role played more.
If you're ever craving a one x one, PM me. I'd love to role play with you again <//3
Shiruke Ryu Report | 11/30/2016 6:20 pm
Ahaha! Yes, I suppose. Alright, thank you. I miss writing for Bon-Hwa.
Shiruke Ryu Report | 11/25/2016 8:02 pm
Thank you, and Happy Thanksgiving to you as well. I miss everyone; my mother once again changed her mind and banned me from talking with all of you. And might I ask, when are we going to get Star Idol back on track?
Pancakes-Follower Report | 08/24/2016 9:20 am
You are so lovely <3
Thank you, so, soooooo much!! <33333333
I really like and appreciate you too <333

...please don't leave too long on your semi-hiatus D:
TheDarkSideofVIVI Report | 05/06/2016 7:12 pm
Thanks for the birthday wish!
StruhburryKiwi Report | 03/29/2016 1:14 pm
Is anyone even online in the ooc? I would still try it out though. I'm sending a reserve as cute wittle Alice. I couldn't resist, I've never been able to grasp that role before it gets sold out
StruhburryKiwi Report | 03/29/2016 1:08 pm
Hell yeah I'll join it. If its yaoi, count me in heart
To be honest, I don't mind doing profiles, I hate doing the graphics for text posts. I don't know how to be that technological.
I paid someone 3 bill to do a graphic for me because I was too lazy to figure it out myself.

Aww bb, I feel like we're already besties without the testies emotion_dowant
StruhburryKiwi Report | 03/29/2016 1:02 pm
You think THAT profiling is bad. That's the easiest profile I've ever had to create. Ugh, people these days are asking you to make your own thread just to post a 4 sectioned profile. Like tf
StruhburryKiwi Report | 03/29/2016 12:28 pm
Yeah, Jack has plans on fetching his brother and dragging him in the the diner, so if you'd like, you could probably get us there to begin with.
In the time being http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/barton-town-role-play/c-o-l-o-r-b-u-r-s-t-o-a-government-soon/t.99599347/
JOIN THIS BECAUSE ITS LIKE LOW LIT AND c; You can be the person who comes after me o la la
StruhburryKiwi Report | 03/29/2016 12:23 pm
Honestly, I don't know. sweatdrop

No one else is really waiting


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                    If I have something here that you would want for a lower price than what I have listed, go ahead and send me a bargain.
                    I love art, as well``
                    I drew my lovely self on the left here.

                    If you have any questions, feel free to comment on my profile or send me a friendly message``


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