Okay guys, my profile is seriously due for an update. It's been about what, 10 years now since I've joined Gaia Online? Allow me to introduce myself -- I'm Yuunie! I've been inhabiting these forums for quite a while now which means... I'm old, ew. Although I'm still young at heart, pft (I'm eternally 12 bitches, just kidding, maybe not).

A lot of my friends on Gaia have probably been wondering, "Where's Yuunie nowadays? I wonder what she has been up to?" Yes, I'm usually on and off of Gaia Online for the longest time, ever. However if people must know, I'm currently attending college and pursuing my BSN (I have one more year to go at UCLA). A lot of events have happened in my life but here I am now, close to being done with college and entering the adult world on my own (finding a place -- ew, working -- ew, paying my own bills -- ew, and getting married and having children -- whoa whoa whoa, let's slow it down here).

And for those of you who want to know what I usually do for my life activities or hobbies, here it is! I heart to go out with my friends -- drinking, hanging out, karaoke, you name it. See I can never be by myself completely (unless midterms or finals are nearby, also ew). I love to sing, dance (hip-hop), and play guitar and piano. Am I good at any of those? Maybe not, I'll let you guys judge me one day. Two important things about me is that I love FOOD and FITNESS! Yup, eating away whatever I'm feeling as well as staying in shape (HIIT, weights, hiking, and pilates).

Honestly that is the best I can sum up my life as of right now. See you later!


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うん! げんき! yuunie は?
omggg i miss you so so so much!
i haven't been on gaia in like . . forever lol orz
Lord Leonov

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Lord Leonov

Why, yes. I do happen to still be the King.

But what about you, Yuunie? I haven't heard from you in so long.

How is your life going?

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Oh em gee. You still gaia biggrin

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Pain Princess

Report | 08/01/2009 9:17 pm

Pain Princess

Hello! -^__^-

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Utada already has and did alright I think? xD
BoA definately got some attention..
Se7en and Wonder Girls I'm not too sure of, since I haven't really been following along with them, so I don't know too much.
To me, it just seems as though they're not entirely standing out a lot since I haven't heard much news about them xD"
Warghhh ~~~

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-cries- ilu ♥
Come home soon ~

& ♥ for Yuna Ito too =w=
As cruel as the Japanese music market may be, she really needs to be marketed more! x(

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When are you coming back?! ;A; ~

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Scarfy head. ;__;

I miss you ~ come home soon kay? Dx

And stop running around looking like a newbie!

I want to see your fashionable side again ♥
Asian Panda

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Asian Panda

Hello Linh, long time no talk.


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