Hi! My name is Yuuki Itazaki!

23| female| bi| nohrian scum| king of the trash heap| biggest jelly jar| tallest salt shaker| a total nerd who doesn't actually know japanese or spanish

I'm a kind of ok user of UTAU, and the voice provider for the UTAU Amaya Nonoha and Amaya Nathan

I tend to play zOMG! a lot now that it's back, most of the time tanking ym in dms.

I am currently out of luck with an art program since the one I used has screwed free users over and doesn't allow paypal as a payment method so commissions are closed.

Please feel free to check out my stuff! (#shameless self promotion)

twitter--> https://twitter.com/yuukisolo808

tumblr--> https://yuukisolo808.tumblr.com/

soundcloud--> https://soundcloud.com/yuukisolo808

DeviantART--> http://yuukisolo808.deviantart.com/

オカメP forever lolol