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The name's Anne. But you can call me by the name Mimi, or whatever.
I'm born on the month of July. My age is 15. *0*
I'm a Filipina. Well its obvious isn't it?
I talk too much, you'll get used to it. //well everyone does.//
> /// <
Currently in a relationship ♥ with the guy I love the most.
I'm very approachable and friendly. Just don't troll me.
I like listening to Korean music
B1A4 / BEAST / Boyfriend / 2NE1 / Sistar19 / SNSD / SuJu ♥
Don't dare to ask me why. *U* they're just so amazing.
I also love One Direction C:
I do love my bestfriends. Especially Nicaaaaaaaaaaaaa♥, Raniiiii♥, Cammmmmmmiille♥, Mimimiiiisha♥, Chloe♥, Bebe Rowna♥, Jolibee♥, Nael♥, Fudge♥, Keilie♥, Rorororod♥, Panpandyyyy♥, Choooooowder o-o♥ and Bhest♥,

Sistetch/Ben10♥, Nanay♥, Dia♥Lheii♥ Chuaa
Marco/Bewbs♥Kambal♥ Rhadz♥ Yone♥ Akane♥ KCWendy
KendzZelle♥ *U*


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