date of birth:22/2/95

if u wanna c my pic......visit my myspace or friendster......

thank you....

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Bboy Bruce Lee JR

Report | 09/20/2010 6:15 pm

Bboy Bruce Lee JR

u there~?
Hatsune mikuz

Report | 12/06/2009 7:10 pm


ui ecau eh jadik ark itut pi genting heilen??
ecau eh mano ni?

Report | 12/06/2009 7:06 pm


bapo hengget sobulan eh

Report | 12/06/2009 6:53 pm


wow wow wow!
tpi kalau nak on tenet kono guno 3G abah ekau gak ko??
kalau abah ekau x do x dapek la on9 do

Report | 12/06/2009 6:48 pm


ado gak jntn yg suko chinen yo??
x sangko den...
tah2 budak bawah ni pompuan x??
makin sallu lak dapek on9 ekau ni..apo rahsio eh??
yuuri chinen -

Report | 12/04/2009 4:54 am

yuuri chinen -

he3 x aku nak kau muke sememeh....cewah!!
yuuri chinen -

Report | 12/03/2009 2:57 am

yuuri chinen -

wei.................aku rase aku dah jatuh hati ngan ko la.....hak3 gurau jer.......ha3 XD
yuuri chinen -

Report | 12/03/2009 2:53 am

yuuri chinen -

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yuuri chinen -

Report | 12/03/2009 2:51 am

yuuri chinen -

sebab kau keling la.....hahaha....*evil*