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Hey I'm new to this site, don't do the online thing much. I heard of this site as a place where others who like anime/video games/comics meet, and wanted to make some new friends who have shared interests.

I'm a male, 22, from Indiana, not too far from Chicago tho. I'm up for making new friends with shared interests, doesn't matter where your from. I went to Ohayocon last month, and was wanting to do some cosplay, tho would like to meet others with shared interests who like cosplay who wouldn't mind doing cosplay together/meeting up at a con.

I'm a old school anime, cartoon, video game, and comic fan. I like some of the new things too, tho being 22 I grew up with Adult Swim and Toonami. I've been to a few cons so far, tho this last one made me really want to go in cosplay, and I don't want to be the only one cosplaying from a certain anime, etc. So I figure the more the merrier, and thought this site would be a neat place to meet people first with common interests, so I have friends by the time I'm at a con.

If you'd like drop me a message or add me, thanks for checking out my page!


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Mewnu Report | 08/29/2018 1:19 pm
Do you still log on here? : 0
Mewnu Report | 04/24/2017 11:23 am
Oh so! I bought some new games! xd I got Pokemon Crystal, and I got Pokemon Pearl! :> I have Stadium 1 and 2 and I wanna beat the League, so I wanna beat the Game Boy games first so I can get an awesome team! cool The preset moves for the Pokemon on Stadium are terrible stare I need Psychic and stuff! And surf!! rofl

I got Pearl too cuz I don't want two Diamonds. rofl I wish I could find someone to trade me Platinum.. but I dont think I'll find anyone! crying Oh well. I dont wanna sell it though!
Mewnu Report | 04/19/2017 8:58 am
Wait I'm sorry if you told me already but how old are you again? Or weren't you my age, 29? I think so, like your profile wasn't updated xd

Omgosh actually the time I saw Veronica Taylor, I was SUPERR sick!! rofl I totally forgot about that. It was a convention in Sacramento and I knew she would be there. My fiancé and I lived in Fresno at the time which is a good 3 hours away, so we went up for a weekend and Saturday was a con and Sunday was a basketball game for the Kings! I had a 102 degree temp and my fiancé was like, you HAVE to stay home and I was like NEVER ITS VERONICA TAYLOR AND IM NOT MISSING THIS!!!! So I totally went to the convention with a high fever and the Kings game too and it was worth it rofl

It just seems like so much work emo I've been into Pokemon Ranch lately rofl So last night I had printed up a Diamond National Dex and I made a list of what I had on ranch, so that I can replay my Sapphire, fire Red, SS and Diamond and know which POikemon to get! I want a living Ranch dex, although I definitely can't get event Pokemon cuz the ones I had are now in Sun and Moon lol but that's ok! I randomly saw in my ranch I had a shiny Geodude?? I was like, where on earth did he come from?? It's so bizarre rofl He's yellow!
Mewnu Report | 04/18/2017 3:29 pm
When I say "every POkemon in the game walking and running" I meant he had found that coding in Sun and Moon. I watched a video cuz he had somehow pulled it up, so I saw the animations of Garchomp and many others walking and running. It was so cute!
Mewnu Report | 04/18/2017 3:27 pm
Everyone, including me now, thinks they'll remake Diamond and Pearl for the next game! I'm really hoping they do. It seems like that's the route they take because it allows the current gen Pokemon's anime to finish over 2-3 year time span, and remaking DP means that they'll have remade everything up to XY! (Cuz of Black 2 and white 2 being remakes, unless you dont count them)


I read that a guy had found the coding in the game for every POkemon to be walking and running. He thinks it's there because they thought about having Pokemon follow you, like in HGSS. I think they'll add it to the next game!! And it would make sense, since DP has the little park where specific, small Pokemon can follow you!! So my speculation is that the next games with be DP remakes with having Pokemon follow you like in HGSS but in 3D!!!!! emotion_kirakira
Mewnu Report | 04/18/2017 3:24 pm
Aw I'm sorry! I haven't been single in so long. But you should celebrate your single days of doing what you want on your time, not needing to please anybody, all your money is yours, etc. before you lose the single days! xd I'm sorry you were sick! Did that mean Veronica Taylor was at the con, if you wanted Ash signed? gonk

Oh wow I didn't know all that about shiny hunting in S/M, thanks for telling me! Yea I know about the PokeRadar and chaining from ORAS and XY, I did a little bit myself last year and caught my first shiny Pokemon EVER (besides Gyarados in HGSS that's storyline) and I got it on Alpha Sapphire, a shiny Pikachu! emotion_kirakira And then I got some in the Friend Safari on X, like Oddish and Growlithe, so that was fun. It sounds like its definitely tougher, and I didn't know the starter soft resets were longer than before! I've never done that. So there's no such thing as shiny UB's? eek I'm surprised! Yea some Pokemon are definitely hard to get, like Feebas-type stats rofl Luckily I got my Dhelmise on wonder trade so I never saw one in the wild, but I did have to get Mareanie by myself and it took forever. I got Toxapex by trading a Mareanie on the GTS 3nodding So I took the easy route. Lol
Mewnu Report | 04/18/2017 11:47 am
Did you have a good birthday?

I've been playing Pokemon Channel soooo much lately! eek It's so cute! And I got Ranch again on my Wii U, which I didn't know I could do, and so I'm itching to reply Fire Red, the old Sapphire, and Diamond and Soul Silver to send more Pokemon to the ranch!! emotion_kirakira
Mewnu Report | 04/17/2017 3:11 pm
Is it your birthday?? Happy birthday!! : D
Mewnu Report | 04/06/2017 1:41 pm
Yea my fiancé now likes POkemon, but he is a gen-wunner LOL although he did play through my Pokemon Diamond and I tried to get him started on Sun but he doesn't care so much. lol He likes the other games I buy him, like Madden and Battlefield and NBA, etc. xp Although he does love Zelda and he loves Nintendo Land!!! Which I love too! But I'm just glad he's okay with my Pokemon obsession!!

I totally agree on the Switch bundle! I also got that Wii U bundle for Black Friday! Splatoon is SUCH an AMAZING GAME!!! I love it! I'm terrible again at Smash Bros so I don't play it, but $250 for that Wii Bundle with two $60 games?! HELL YES!! emotion_dowant That was such a great purchase. I would have paid $500 for my Wii U rofl Oh guess what! I didn't know that you could buy Wii games in the Wii shop on the Wii U, like for the older WIi? So I downloaded Pokemo Ranch! I haven't played that game in ages! I even sent over some Pokemon Diamond Pokemon! I didn't know that they use the same mechanics and graphics as Pokemon Rumble LOL I have Blast on my 3DS, and I was like ooohhhh how did I not recognize this? rofl I had Ranch when I was like, 22 or something? So like 7 years ago! eek

My fiancé and I have Jessie and James from Team Rocket cosplay! emotion_bigheart Although Jessie's outfit is super revealing so I need to get in shape so I can wear it rofl He fits in James just fine though. I always see Ash cosplays at cons. The last con I was at, I saw some Team Skull cosplays! emotion_kirakira They were awesome!

I think instagram would be great to show off your Pokemo stuff, just be sure to put a lot of hashtags so people can easily find them! 3nodding YouTube is great too for a video and audio showing.
Mewnu Report | 04/05/2017 11:12 am
Nope, I welcome your long replies cuz I'm learning a LOT about stuff I didn't even know about! emotion_yatta So it's a lot of fun! I appreciate you taking the time to write me out these comments! gaia_kittenstar

Oh yea POkemon Pinball! Do you have a Wii U? I have one, and they have Pokemon Sapphire ruby Pinball on there, and I downloaded it so I can play it on the tv! I hadn't played it before. It's a lot of fun!! I downloaded Blue on the 3DS when they released last year cuz Blue was the first Pokemon game I played! And we have Red and Yellow as cartridges, but I want Yellow on the 3DS cuz you can trade them to the new games! 3nodding

That makes sense, like your Pokemon friends grew out of it. Not us!! rofl I'm still obsessed too. Do you go to the midnight releases for the new games? When I go, it seems to usually be teenagers more so than kids, and a lot of adults. rofl Pokemon is such an amazing thing. It changed my life, and clearly yours too! rofl It's funny thought when people talk about Pokemon and you hear them say something wrong and you're like, no, sir, you are incorrect. rofl

Oh yeah, IG was instagram LOL well it's not too late, you should make a Pokemon account and could make videos showing off your special stuff!! You can even make money off YouTube with enough views and stuff like that! :> I think it would be great to showcase your awesome merchandise!!! And yes, please tell me all about your Pokemon stuff! emotion_kirakira I have a couple friends irl I can talk to about Pokemon but they don't love it as much as I do rofl My whole apartment is covered in Pokemon plushness LOL I'm glad my fiancé is okay with it. I have a 4 foot Piplup I bought for $20 on Craigslist, I think it came from one of the carnival fairs, and he's my baby! rofl

What other interests do you have? 3nodding



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