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     「 YUSNAAN 」

def. ┊ Yusnaan, the City of Revelry.

"It's not a question of can or can't, there are some things in life you just do."
- Lightning (Final Fantasy XIII)

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「 私 」┊  Me

   My name is Katie, and I'm going to be a freshman college student. I'm 19 May 28th. Mutt caucasian. My current residence lies in Indiana, one of the most boring places on earth, so I plan on moving. Took three years of Japanese and one year of German, I suck at both. I love playing video games to admire the hard work put in by the artists. My favorites are Resident Evil, Final Fantasy, and any type of interesting free roam games. I joined Gaia in 2005, got banned, and joined back in 2009. I currently work at a pet hospital as a kennel assistant. This account is for cosplaying, oc's, or doing whatever I want. Oh, and I'm never in character. I used to be a cheerleader, it was sorta fun while it lasted. I wanted to pursue game art & animation, but the competition is so high, and it's not a guaranteed job. I love art; getting better and learning more about drawing is my passion. If you've never seen my art is because I don't usually put it up online. Scanner issues mostly, and I only draw when motivated, so I'll never open up a shop. I'm most likely going to school to be a pharmacist, r.i.p. life dreams.

「すき 」┊  Likes

General: Drawing, Coloring, Cats, Vanilla, Victorian Era, Vintage, Archaic Words and Lettering, Scarves, Boots, Autumn, Halloween, Spicy/Sweet Foods, Warm/Dark/Pastel Colors, Classical Music, Pegasi, Europe.

Games: Resident Evil, Final Fantasy, Red Dead Redemption, The Elder Scrolls, Jak and Daxter, Sonic the Hedgehog (no homo), Harvest Moon, Sims.

Movies/Shows/Manga: The Walking Dead, Avatar (Airbender/Korra), Sword Art Online, Disney Movies, Kurosh*tsuji, Free!, Magi, Van Helsing, Harry Potter, DuRaRaRa!, Fullmetal Alchemist, Pokemon.

「 すきじゃない 」┊  Dislikes

Everything, and math.

「 ともだち 」┊  Friends

[ No personal order, just adding them on as they go. ]

King Caelum | Serendine | Narancia | Noctisu | Makoah | Affezionato | Taigah | iShinobi Naruto | Orichalcum | Lusillyah

「 れんらく 」┊  Contact

Skype: Ask.
PSN: xJillValentine

「 ギルド 」┊  Guilds

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"If you don't try to save one life, you'll never save any."
- Curtis Miller (Resident Evil: Degeneration)