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part of me!

embracing truth & understanding.
the depth of friendship & love.
the importance of loyalty & faith.
everything is connected.

evil, corruption, darkness...
what we must recognize & separate from ourselves.
to embrace what is right.
like thee innocence of children, what this world too often does destroy.

not to spread the influence of such evil, corruption or darkness.
comedy is the cure, the need of laughter when such evil things in this life have caused us suffering.

strength of character.
self-discovery, self-exploration, self-definition.
the depths of the soul, thee eternity of its existence.
the insight of the spirit, the connection of all life.

humanity: existing between the heavens and earth.
heaven: not limited to the sky of the planet we are bound to. it is everything beyond our sky.
hell: is a prison like an eternal furnace, made for those who embrace evil things and seek not the truth. who spread corruption.

for the soul has can only go one of two ways when this life is over... eternal life or eternal suffering is what awaits us.

one unchanging truth, that is of the spirit. no evil, no darkness, no corruption can touch it. it is opposite of the flesh, for as the flesh is the essence of fantasy, as to desire things which only the flesh seeks self-satisfaction in.

lies are always changing, always new lies to tell, there is only one unchanging truth.

just as i would be loyal and faithful as a friend and to the one i give my special love to. the keeper of the truth is loyal & faithful in the sense of the love he offers to all who wish to embrace it or be embraced by it.

to live by the truth.

as the true mind can weather all the lies and illusions without being lost, and the true heart can tough the poison of hatred without being harmed. since beginningless time, darkness thrives in the void but always yields to purified light.

all such manners of evil will always yield to the light. if the light shall expand towards darkness, darkness will flee from it. id much rather embrace the light, than fall in with the darkness and thus never truly know love or peace or friendship.


some things about me aside the more serious part of me

i love movies. i have a large collection of movies. action, adventure, comedy... i have plenty horror movies as well but i dont watch them much anymore, i suppose i prefer watching them with someone, if to watch them at all.

i dont care for black & white movies at all. Or budget movies, though some of them can be... amusing, depending on who your watching them with. more for making fun of than actually.. watching!

i get into many kinds of music. grew up listening to pink floyd, led zeppelin, AC/DC, madonna... yes, madonna. i like her old stuff, the new stuff is... indescribably horrid.

more often i prefer older music, of those with singing in them anyway, otherwise i like alot of techno & dubstep. the "new age" music has been increasing... sexual. dont much care for what music has become, what people consider music these days. its like musical death for your brain cells, and sometimes eyes. flail :/

love rootbeer. dont drink much soda otherwise. i like juices and water
love doritos. AND tacos. from taco bell...
not the best way to eat, considering all the things they put in food but still... they are delicious, i COULD eat them everyday, but i dont.

i use to write poetry quite a bit, still do sometimes.
im also a bit of an artist, i draw my own anime characters.
ive done some work on story lines but... havent put much effort into it.
i Am an xboxer. meaning gamer, yes. i like to kill zombies.
actually, killing zombies is rather an addiction, even when i dont feel like killing them, i still kill them anyway.

i love swords, guns not so much.
i also have somewhat of a passion for martial arts.
i have many talents with untapped potential, in a manner of speaking.
not completely untapped but... cud still use more tapping...
maybe some slapping... smacking... SHOVING OFF A CLIFF
just to get it going a bit faster >.>

i love sweet smells. mulberry oil is my favorite.
the sound & smell of the rain/storms. same for waterfalls. very relaxing.
candles are nice.

and i love the name... Ki
it has meaning to me.

i enjoy designing clothes, though i border along the lines of combat gear, though i dont exactly have much of what id need to go farther with it. taking the next step isnt much of an option at this point, but theres still time... maybe.

well. thats enough about me.

Comments: give me a reason to talk back to you (its all about the he said she said... )

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iiAikoChan Report | 03/09/2018 5:54 pm
*presses cheek to yours*
Thank you for always caring
Chefeetaboopers Report | 08/30/2015 10:55 pm
Hahaha I know the feeling. If I got on Gaia more, I'd totally change it. I'm just leaving it as is since I'm not on enough to really care, you know? =P
tsuruaka Report | 08/05/2015 9:05 pm
Thank you! This is actually one of my first clutter avis. My avis are usually WAY simpler but I had the gold and time to kill so.... This was the result.
And nah, just get a bunch of plastic flowers and glue them everywhere lol

Yep! I watched the original Avatar show, but I haven't gotten around to Korra, but I get what you're saying. Mine would be hoodie. I like my hoodies LOL.

There are plenty of free profiles on the web; this is where I got mine! Though the coding is wonky because of Gaia's profil overhaul from a year back.
Most header images no longer work, and the background images get cut off. I used to be able to edit profiles a little (once coded the boxes to go transparent until you hover over them, and to have rounded corners) but all that went out the window LOL

Yea ;n; I loved playing it (even if the lag was disastrous). I never played it at seriously as some people, mainly for fun with a bunch of crazy crew members.
I actually haven't watched most of the Marvel movies! I really should, but its hard for myself to bring the effort to invest time (and emotion) into a whole 'nother fandom.

Nope! I'm the person who eats ice cream without any kind of brain/heart/teeth freeze. My sister gets brain freeze, but no memory of friends getting heart freeze.

Skittles > M&Ms. M&Ms are nice but Skittles are a whole different level of awesome. That would be a hilarious movie series. They should just make a bunch of movies (still a good plot duh) but have each movie have at least 1 background person just be munchin' away on some candy.
tsuruaka Report | 08/04/2015 3:46 pm
Well in that case, one: thank you for buying from me!
And yea my username actually used to be Tsurumi Akane, but I short-handed it to tsuruaka. Plus it's pretty unique on gaia which is always nice~
I sometimes check our profiles as well! It's fun reading the bios.

I understand that feeling XD Sometimes I'm the most social person ever and the next second I'm just kind of like "get away from me I need alone time."
Though most of my friends get that so that's a bit of a relief.

Welcome back to Gaia! Just to break it to you, zOMG is no longer a game on Gaia; you can read about the reasons somewhere in the forums!
I hate dressing up IRL actually XD I like shopping, but I prefer comfort >> style so most of the time I'm in jeans and a long sleeved top.
Though on gaia I make the most ridiculously complicated outfits razz

Hope the movie was good!
Chefeetaboopers Report | 08/03/2015 11:32 pm
I just randomly looked at your profile and was reading a post from 2014.. why does that seem so loong ago?! XD Gah time goes by fast!
iiAikoChan Report | 03/19/2015 12:15 pm
You're the oldest person on my friends list! Of course i had to leave a comment for you > w<
Are you still on here alot? Im on and off for like months at a time sometimes! But we are also friends on facebook, did you know that? haha i get on here more than facebook!
Haha but you ish my silly childhood friend, and i wish we talked more! o;
iiAikoChan Report | 03/16/2015 7:26 am
It's me Aiko...or KitsuneKurai...we have been friends a long time and i dont want you to forget me, k?
FindingJackie Report | 03/27/2014 8:16 am
I hope you don't mind me writing this, but I wanted people to know how generous you are. smile Thank you so much for the donations. Among them was the only expensive item I was missing to finish an avatar I had planned to make. Thanks again!
Lumbee Wolf Lady Report | 02/25/2014 7:34 am
 Lumbee Wolf Lady
Thanks for buying~ heart
Chefeetaboopers Report | 02/24/2014 11:43 pm
I did learn chocolates smile And I've been working at walmart sadly. :/

Wanna help me get someone to draw a logo for my video game group?! biggrin

I'm trying to go big with my group and make money. We just got 60 members in a day! O_O

What have you been up to lately?!

I got married to my boyfriend finally after 7years of dating. Paid off my car. Got my own place and done with college~ ! smile

signal/warning/scream for help xD I mean >.> signature

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the smaller picture in life
is of material things
things without purpose, without meaning
time wasted in our own company
instead of shared with the people
who give our lives meaning
who give our hearts, purpose
to care & to love
to give friendship, to give hope
those who help us to walk a better path

the bigger picture in life
is less about ourselves than we'd often like to think
we are small
the people who we share this life with
make us better than we could ever be on our own


FFx x2 - Jillian (Id give my heart)

naruto - name of the game

naruto - mass of Trouble (polyamorous)

naruto - halo

wolfs rain - animal I have become


tender loving care... tastes a bit more like telling lies constantly!

taste the rainbow... Just not my rainbow, thats reserved for someone else :P

~iCandy? *i lick your flavors ~WHAT O-o? no, you cant lick me. ive been on the floor. STAY AWAY D: