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Birthday: 02/22

Occupation: The people and the friends that we have lost, or the dreams that have faded...never forget them

Y❧.R.❧P (Aweosme Firends)


Dead Fantasyೈ

⇛Yuna In Dead Fantasyೡ
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Yuna appears as a primary character in the fan-made Dead Fantasy series, being the first character to appear. She fights alongside Rikku, Tifa, Rinoa, Kairi, and Cloud against certain characters from Dead or Alive; her main opponent is Kasumi. While originally utilizing her Gunner Dressphere in Dead Fantasy I and Dead Fantasy II, she later changes to her summoner outfit in Dead Fantasy IV, before being forced back into the Gunner Dressphere after her Aeons were defeated by Kasumi's clones.

It should be noted that she does not have her long ponytail and her sash when she is in her Gunner Dressphere, and she has wristbands on both wrists opposed to just her left one. As of Dead Fantasy V, she is currently with Cloud, after he saved her from Kasumi's clones, as he is apparently looking for their ally, Tifa. Yuna has also appeared in the Dead Fantasy - Gee music video in her Songstress Dressphere

↠Cloud Strife༆
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Just as Yuna is about to fall to Kasumi's clones in DFIV, she is saved by Cloud. His unexpected rescue makes more sense when you analyze the the obscure dialogue in the opening. It reads: "Why am I here? Because... I trust her. And because... you... remind me of someone I said goodbye to a long time ago..." The person Cloud said goodbye to was Aerith, who died at the hands of Cloud's enemy. There are several similarities between Yuna and Aerith. They are both White Mages, have brown hair and green eyes (one in Yuna's case), and are alike in personality. On the other hand, Cloud could remind Yuna of Tidus, both being blond, spiky-haired warriors. After saving Yuna, she clutches Cloud and collapses onto him.

❤ Ai



I know I say Stupied tings....

To all does who know me, or Not know me:User Image

Well, as I can say, I have problems to express myself, in a way that people can understand me sometimes. And I can be fast misunderstud for what I am trying to say. I am sorry if I have ever said anything to upset you. I don't really want to hurt anyone. And I am a bit shy to come trought somethimes (special in RL), but I love to talk (you can see that in comments), and to say I am emotional person and think of others and their feelings. Some say I have a little to big heart, sins I care so much. But I do care, its who I am, I want to be a caring loving person.

Cosplay and parrings

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What I see in cosplay is, that you can have fun been who you would like to be, if you was an Character in a game you really like. Like me I am a super fan of RPG's, that makes me want to dream, if I could be in the game story. If i am not a person in that game, I would Make my own character, or make another story to the game
(Role-play story).

Cosplay I do or want to do:

Final fantasy:
-Tifa, Aerith, Rinoa, Serah, Yuna

Death note:
-Misa Amane


I know I have diffrent thought about parrings then others, but does it not make it fun talk about the diffrents, trougth the parrings?? And don't hate me for not liking your parring, just how I belive the persons are good with/for another.

What I like of parrings:
Aeith/Cloud, Cloud/Yuna, Cloud/Terra, Yuna/Gippal,
Rikku/Tidus Vincent/Tifa, Zack/Tifa, Lucrecia/Vincent.
Cloud/Zack, Yuffie/Reno, Reno/Rikku, Rinoa/squall,
Snow/Serah, Ashe/Basch, Balthier/Fran, Vaan/Penelo.

What I dont like of parrings:
Tifa/Cloud(I really dislike this parring,
way do you think cloud run all the time?
I know: He wanna be alone!!)
Yuffie/Vincent (way would vincent be with a girl,
that she could be his daugther?)
Balthier/Ashe (Way them?! I mean sure
its almost like in ff9 about the stealing case.
But really do they really talk, connection and have
a nice chat or take the time to another?
I feel Ashe was more, open to Basch then
Balthier, and spend time to him then Balthier.
Beside Ashe tried to ignore Balthier to in RW
so yea thats how I see them)
Zack/Aerith(For me I did not see
the big love emotion, just like I feel about
Tifa/Cloud its just a brother and sister feeling).

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✧ Me ✧

This is the real deal <3

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To every one:

I want to speak up, to all the persons that have helped me,and all that who I helped, must get some status(credit)on my page for everyting that have happen, and what they did. And if I forgot about putting up you, for something you gived to me or did. Just tell me!!


Yuna of spheres: Avi ideas!

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Valiant Gunner:

For giving the Summer Grass Field
and the Grace of Aphrodite!!
(she got some ides from me, on
her gunner dresshphere look to <3)

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I wanna thank her for making my layout. And I don't regret asking her for it, she is justamazing to making them, and she is a sweet person <3

~ Sky of the Night Light
-Cater keito
-Sagacious Maiden

❂Dressphere I use right now❂


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“You can't run or hide, so why bother?”

The Gunner dons a half skirt on the hip and high boots. In Yuna's case, the top features the insignia of the Zanarkand Abes, the blitzball team that both Tidus and Jecht played for. The Gunner's weapon of choice is a gun, with a second one used during Trigger Happy. Yuna wields the Tiny Bee pistols.


Braska Burasuka
Lady of Braska
Gippal Gippuru