Well;Im a great friend;and I help others when they need me most.Apart of singing and playing the piano;I know how to play the drums.I love music;I love FInal Fantasy 7,8,X,and X-2^^;those are awsomes.I love art;I also draw FInal Fantasy Characters(I know how todraw them exactly as u see them);and I make a lots of drawings.Im a timid/social person;lol;weird huh,but still;I love to know a lots of ppl cause I acept them the way they just are.*Im not some kind of a mindfreak*!!lolO_OXDAnd I hate hypocrit ppl;well;if u want to know a lil more about me;well;heres my email:mayracoolgirl@hotmail.com.^^and I hope that everybody is ok^^;bye;take care and gbu^^

Im a sweet and a nice person,I love to sing and play the piano,I like Final Fantasy X-X2,my favorite genere is rock,and I like to make new friends.