Boots 1995-2008 cat, my child, my friend, and my angel.

You've saved me from loneliness, sorrow, and sleepless nights.
When ever I was sad you'd meow to see if I was alright, you would purr like I was the only person in the world you could ever care about.
During trouble times, you'd be laying on my bed with those big yellow eyes looking up at me as if you were saying "What's wrong?"

Ever since you were a kitten you were always there for me, watching me, looking out for me, and loving me just like how I loved you.
If I could ever find a way to bring you back believe me...I would sell my soul,my body, and my dreams just so I could see again.
Losing you is like losing a child, through out these 13 years, I've always loved you and always thought of you.
From the farm in Oliver to here in Calgary, you've always been with me.

Where did I go wrong? I'd stay up with you late at night just so I knew you'd be there in the morning, and you would wake me up in the morning so I would get ready for school or work.

If feeling like this to a animal is a sin, then I'm a sinner because I don't think that I have ever loved someone like I loved you.
I'll never forget all the times we were together, and all the memories will live on my heart.
I may be sad now, but it's better to be sad now then to be sad later...and to see you suffer even more, that would just make me selfish...

Love you Boots, my baby.
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