Further Look into Evil

In business, evil refers to unfair business practices. The most widely agreed on unfair practices are such things as monopolies, but recently the term "evil" has been applied much more broadly, especially in the technology and intellectual properties industries. It can be argued that industrial corporations, set up as fictive individuals by law, are required to work according only to the criteria of making profits for their shareholders, meaning they function as sociopathic organisations that inherently do evil in damaging the environment, denying labour justice and exploiting the powerless.

Now try to see past all that when you think of Evil Enterprises for we are nothing like what is stated above. Yes, we are evil, but we are the good kind of evil that doesn't try to corner the market and take everyone else out of business to setup a monopoly. We wish to help people and not hurt them economically. We also hope to lift up the powerless to a point that they can stand again with confidence in their hearts and minds. This is what our evil is so either get used to these concepts or leave.

And my brother, Hideki Mishima, is the CEO...