Yumeiir Tidbit

Immediate Artist Credit!
My background image for my profile is made deviantartist Rawwad.
They have some amazing stuff and you should check it out!

Hello, Yumeiir here.
I am a female who's working towards a Mining Engineering Degree.
I'm typically very friendly, despite possible appearances, so don't be afraid to chat!

I have one mule that I like to dress up in human clothes since I'd like to keep Yume here a perma-paw.
The Human | Shikyo Kuranosai

cat_burning_eyes I keep my wishlist pretty updated and organized.
Fair warning if you want to look at it, most of the paw stuff, unless recently added, probably have no listings (or one rather expensive listing).
That being said, I always appreciate gifts, and if you have any paw stuff you're cleaning out feel free to send it to me!
Even if I have five million of the item I'll take it and try to get it to someone who wants it.

cat_redface heart Thanks very much to everyone and anyone whose sent me stuff!

By DaemonDeDevil
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By my name-buddy Yumeiii to commemorate our pink duo!
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By my friend LeScrub the absfanatic!
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By my friend Beelzebagel
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I command you to...