Hey! I'm a kid writer (kind of I love to write) 11 years old. I do not accept random friend requests and all that nonecense, I'm presently working on Nothing lol! Actually I have a novel on the way its for the suwrimos contest so I need to wait until june first (I CAN'T WAIT!!!) it has to have 70k (70,000)words! If you have tips for me please pm (I love pm's!) I hope you will even if its just to say hi. I do not post parts of any of my works randomly and give them to just ANYONE!
List of people that can read my stories:

07morbidlightz, inyoung27,vanessagirlx,plomiku,Tom_tom4444, Zylie Alana, Michimi-chan,Panda_South,pandalilly,saddragon[unknown goddess],Senel64 and x Summoner_Yuna x

ok people that I love and can't live without (contact with daily)!
07morbidlightz, inyoung27,vanessagirlx,plomiku,Tom_tom4444, Zylie Alana, Michimi-chan, x Summoner_Yuna x and [unknown goddess]

ok That is about it for me! Oh and everyone on my friendlist (or who have me on theirs since I cleaned it) are forever LOVED!!! Do NOT feel insulted if I do not have you on my friendlist and I am on yours it is because of the lack of contact.

Oh and one last thing!
You CAN ask me to write something FOR YOU if you want. You are in NO WAY aloud to call that text/master peice/wutever yours as in YOU COMPOSED IT you ARE aloud to say I made it FOR YOU! You MAY post it in the writers forum under the CORECT subforum and give ME credit. ok that wasd long and complicated but you can ask me to write something for you as long as you give me credit! (by the way if you call it yours as in you made it its is plagerizm (however spelt) so yeah!)

thank you for reeding and visiting! Have a lovely day! heart

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. GLOBAL WARMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT HELP THEM DISTROY OUR WORLD!!! Think about everyone of tomorow...think about your children and their children and even your children's children's children! Think about tomorow's future don't help distroy our world.

POKEMON!!!!!!!! 5/6 pokemon obtained!

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Dream avvie acoumplished!
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speacial thanks to:
[unknown goddess] donated gift of the goddess 5k
Bellahoney945 donated and Zylie donated bunny ears
I forgot your name? pm me!


-07morbidlightz I forgot what sweatdrop
-[unknown goddess] mentioned in the draem avvie thing
-Bellahoney945 mentioned
-Zylie Alana mentioned
-Tom_Tom4444 alot...pj's, er 400g and other stuff!

I know I forgot people please be so kind
as to pm me so I can add you to the list!

My newest quest:
Closed...I'm poor now please donate.
Bigger quest:

Biggest quest:

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OK you will now notice that you've been reading for like an hour when I told you have a good day like 45minutes ago... anyways if you want to keep reading your choice but I keep addin' stuff to this so if you read the WHOLE thing coment and say you did and I may put you in the honor section when people do coment...

MY AVVIE ART!!!!!!!!

User Image
thats from my friend Amy/Zylie, she's a really cool person and I want to thank you for being my friend and to your brother I want to thank him for drawing it and to you for coloring it!
They really shouldput a uniform like that on gaia...-ponders- well 'nyways THANKIES, MERCI ARIGATOU! (all mean thank you)
And so yeah thank you very much!

Another addition!
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I officially own an avatar of aproximatly 133,542 Gold!


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Yume's Journal

Nothing except...my lame life...oh well enjoy!



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*Comments on the last day of 2010*

Its... been ages..... I pretty much quit. Wonder if you have..?
Amy Wonderworld

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Amy Wonderworld

love and miss youu smile

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Heyy Ca$$h~~~~!!
Ranie Joy

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Ranie Joy

Hey, long time no chat! 8D

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Amy Wonderworld

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Amy Wonderworld

haha aw does that mean you're short?
Amy Wonderworld

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Amy Wonderworld

Over Christmas Break Fashoo! :<span style="font-weight:bold;"></span>D

Yeah, well the best advice I can give you (that you probably didn't ask for) is to agree with everyone and don't overestimate or underestimate yourself. Not agree as in be like "OMG UR SO RIGHT ALL THA TYME" just more like "Yeah. sure."

Cause otherwise people get mad and take you behind dumpsters and beat you with rods. >_>

I'm actually excited about high school, I have alot of friends older than me. It's gonna be fun.

Yer gonna do fine in school. What kind of grades are you getting?
Amy Wonderworld

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Amy Wonderworld

haha babe i've been in middle school for three very long and fun years.

high school is what you have to dread.


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^ kawaii!!!!!!!!!!!