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Hey, you can call me Zuzu, I don't come on here much anymore, but if I am here it's for events, art, and rp guilds.


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Tvvitchy Report | 04/06/2020 7:53 pm
ay i seen you get online for a little bit here and there

would you be interested in joining our rp guild? we opened it for the quarantine
Ackalopejay Report | 07/22/2019 4:12 pm
OMG I know. I miss you. If you come to town to visit Gabby let me know so I can see you for a little bit!
Ackalopejay Report | 07/21/2019 5:43 pm
OMG You're on! I love your Avi

(tis Emily)
~UnSanity~ Report | 06/21/2019 8:06 pm
4laugh rofl rofl rofl heart heart heart heart 4laugh 4laugh 4laugh 4laugh 4laugh
Andalitegirl Report | 05/29/2018 6:08 pm
Love the new avatar!
Ackalopejay Report | 01/04/2017 2:56 pm
Hey fellow witch!
KettChup Report | 07/01/2012 7:12 pm
I was drawing you avi, but you changed it before I finished sad It would be greatly appreciated if you would send me a pic of your old one... if you had one?
Reikon Soushike Report | 02/28/2012 4:38 pm
Reikon Soushike
Hey! How ya been?
Reikon Soushike Report | 12/01/2011 5:22 pm
Reikon Soushike
Lol, lucky. I had to do a presentation today and almost flipped out when I found out the clips I included didn't work. Still ended up staying in the time limit.
When do your finals start/ end?
Reikon Soushike Report | 12/01/2011 7:13 am
Reikon Soushike
Prepping for finals and other projects for this week. Just waiting to go home in a few weeks for Christmas break. biggrin


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