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GAIA Fishing

My fishing day is far behind me and I used to go by the name of Kugatsu no Yuki.
Here lies what I've won back in the day.


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Basically my first gold trophy
July - 2011

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Record break [Before esenses break it exactly a year later]

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September - 2011

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June - 2016

other trophies that I got is few bronze for junk, Bassken and Durem


Caught my first rare during september 2011 and it was Emeraldback Lionfish
On the same month I got another rare which is Diamondback Lionfish

Third rare obtained in june 2016 and it was Tootin' Tino
and again on the same month I caught another rare from Gambino which is Buckin' Bino

other than the two, I got few other rare fish by exchanging fishes which is I think not worth mentioning lol.


Got my Angelic rod back in July 2011.
But sold it in October 2011, right before I go on an unplanned 4 year hiatus.
Got it back in 25th of May 2016 and upgraded to Angelic plus by 29th of May 2016, so so glad!

Finally done with my unfinished questing Diamondback Lionmask after the 4 years of complete hiatus!
The last piece retrieved by 3 sept 2015 I was so happy I jumped around.
Like really !! Finally !! after years of dreaming.

Bought my Rubyback Lionmask from MP
I was really shocked by the price tho

Looking to get Emeraldback Lionmask now
hopefully I can get them soon!

I miss everyone!
Kydden the corn man whose done the trophy set
Jaye Mrs. corn :v
Flac (Dias Cifer) my fishy fishing disciples and bud
Sona the mysterious [mannnn I still don't know if you are a girl or a boy lol]
Tusia the cheerful one!
Phat chen the kind nakama
Esenses my lucky charm
iGood and Thunnus albacares the funny sibling
Wakatau the awe musician
HobNobby the family guardian
Carmel snow the quite one
chasingtheghost_ the ms. traveler
Captain M Mei the curry girl
Demitrius maximoff the Rich one
Mrigank The one who bleed blue [dude I lost your ID lol]
Prettylina25 The one that busy here and there
and finally Antaine the Mr. I'm not your guru LOL

I'll see you guys in the next life!

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