y u k i i
aka that lazy bish. D<
changed her profile
so she can see
her wishlist properly


please do not pm me for an art request

i'm busy with life...
and poneko.
but i think it's mostly life

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marz, shishi, aniki, yukii, sensei, twinny.
19. 02131990
bc canada north america milky way the world galaxy universe
</3 n00blets beggars flamers scary people bad grammar myself lateness lies etc.
<3 friend family art drawing sleep dreams reading books games anime manga doujinshi BL pictures pretty things neat things yay

stalkees// natsumi, tsubaven
stalkers...? // paradiseTP, s.u.k.i..i, natsumi, mr. lawlz
lover // mr. lawlz

i want // horns of the demon
and then // winged anklets
or maybe // most donation items D: <B
but i would love // art, gold, free stuffs, sleep, items as well

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poneko = LOVE

now go visit poneko 8D

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^ Lawlz be teh shiz. Now go hug him. D<

to do:


study for math


fall over and take a nap

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Fall!ng To Pieces
OMGOSH. I officially declare myself a Yukii fanboy. 8D. [ Stalk Stalk ] Those sketches are fantabulous.

Oooh~Lucky. I have to go back on the third...I believe > >; [ Trottles off to find calender ]

^ first fanboy... to yukii's knowledge anyways. *dies*

mm. apparently Mr. Lawlz was my first fanboy... le fomg. but, he has decided to become my first lover instead/as well? xD <BB

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^ now you'd all better go give him a hug. :3
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