Mello my name is Yuki and I'm an artistic being who absolutely loves anime.

Random things

I'm the type of girl who can watch a butt loud of scary movies and not be scared, but when the toast pops out of the toaster I scream at the top of my lungs.

I'm also the type of girl who would burst out laughing in the dead of silence because of something that happened yesterday.

Random stuff about me

Age: 20

Hobbies: I love to draw, write, read, randomly dance, hang out with friends, listen to really loud music, and play video games.

Plan of the future: To be an author, manga artist, or a biologist.

Favorite Studies: Folklore, Mythology, Astrology and Literature.

Favorite Manga: There's so many that I lost count but I love Fruit Baskets, Shugo Chara, Bleach, and ect.

Favorite Anime: Fairy Tail, D Gray Man, Rave Master, Vampire Knight, Darker Than Black, Black Butler, Pandora Hearts, Wolf's Rain, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Munto, Soul Eater, Ouran High School Host Club, .Hack//Sign, Bleach, Nabari No Ou, Special A, Dazzle, Princess Lover, Claymore, Naruto, Natsume and ect.

Favorite Video games: I love Final Fantasy, Legend of Zelda, Mortal Combat, Okami, Harvest Moon, Atelier Iris, Soul Caliber, Naruto and many more.

Favorite Animals: Wolves, Foxes, Bats (especially the Flying Fox), Sugar Gliders, Snow Leopards, Panthers, and many more.

Favorite color: My favorite color tends to change pretty often (kinda like a mood ring). It really does depend on my mood, but right now my favorite colors are black, sapphire blue, cobalt, blood red, gold, silver and forest green.

Favorite singers/bands: Within Temptation, BigBang, The Gazette, Flyleaf, Leona Lewis, Avril Lavinge, Evanescence, Bonnie Tyler, Arch Enemy and P!nk.

If you want to be friend just PM me. Don't worry I don't bite....HARD!!! XD


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well...i don't know what to comment back anymore sweatdrop

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Started with the "yo mama jokes" now!?

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In your coffee..... mrgreen

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how dare you hahaha

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HERROWWW!!! Love you Yuki, can't want to see you!!! heart
Descard Lycos

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Descard Lycos

hey meet me in forest stage ill be waiting OwO heart

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heart I love u too sis!!!! heart
Enticing Eternity

Report | 04/08/2011 8:25 am

Enticing Eternity

Estoy bien y tu?! xD
Enticing Eternity

Report | 04/07/2011 1:32 pm

Enticing Eternity

Yuki chann ^^


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