Welcome, welcome~.
I'd rather be called Yuki than my real name or whatever you'd like to call me.
Pure 100% Asian.
I love eating sweets of all kinds and milk. Especially Almond Milk.
I listen to tons of music except Opera or Country. Mostly Asian music.
I love Shizuo with all my heart. I just do <3
I love all my friends equally (You know who you are~) I'll take a bullet for them any day. I'm quite overprotective of them, only because I love them so.
I have really short fuse. It's easy to piss me off and get me aggravated. I've had rage fits before, so I'd ask you kindly to not try anything stupid if you wanna get hurt.

Random stuff about me
User ImageI'm Korean, Japanese, and Filipino
User ImageI live in Cali, US
User ImageBorn on January 21 (******** Aquarius bby)
User ImageI watch/read anime, play videogames/mmos, draw. (I ain't no weeb though)
User ImageI love cake and baking with my friends.
User ImageI type my own stories. They're pretty decent.
User ImageI love being with my friends and talking and/or hanging with them.
User ImageI'm actually pretty mellow, nice and quiet once you get to know me (unless aggravated, of course)
User ImagePush me down, I'll stand back up and kick your a**. I've done it before and I'll do it again.
User ImageI hate bitter foods, alcohol, and gambling. I find all of them disgusting.
User ImageI hate weaboos/koreaboos. Seriously, you've given animu fans a bad name with your "Kawaii desu" s**t and conceited selves.
User ImageI will forever have the taste buds of a child. I will never get tired of the taste of sweets.
User ImageI love tea almost as much as milk~.

Meh, that's it I guess. Congrats on reading about me. Now be a doll and fetch me some almond milk. Later.

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Kibum and Yoona Hwaiting~ heart
(J + J Sarang)