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Hey my name should be no concern of yours as it is no concern to even the people who know me but its Laddy...... >_< Perhaps that's because I'm afraid to open up to other people... Scared of the Hurt... But anyway y'all will never no me so I am not scared here. I'm a very kind hearted girl and shy when i first meet you... Piss me off or mess with my family i will lash out and can tend to be not so nice... Ask Courtney Dei... I have had my heart broken before... Puppy Love is a Naive thing it is...

My dad went to prison and was out of my life for 2 years. In those 2 years i got kicked out of my grandparents house and moved in with my mom where I found a new love... Kayaking...

I have a passion for it that makes me want to endure what ever my coach throws at me... Never before have I been so persistent in anything. Which shows my devotion... Normally I never get devoted for fear of dissapointing someone but with this I DON'T care because I can only dissappoint myself when I DON'T try my absolute best.

Get to know me anyway... I promise you would NEVER meet ANYONE like me EVER.

|Gaia Name: Yuki Hatori|

|Nickname(s): Lucy, LaddyGale, Robin, Gale, Laddy (if you ask that's what I'll say) |

|Age: 15 |

|Sign: Gemini |

|Weight type: Toned |

|Height: 5 foot 6|

|Occupation: Kayaker |

|Home: USA|

|Location: Somewhere |


| Anime: Naruto Death Note |

|Book Genre: Comedy, Romance, Gore, Mystery, FANTASY |

|Drink: Sprite |

|Food: Steak (Medium-Rare) |

|Flower: Hibiscus |

|Scent: Vanilla |

|Bug: FireFlies |

|Video Game: Kingdom Hearts |

|Color: Purple and Black l

|Animal: House cats l

|Smiley: :3 |

|Hobbies: Cooking, Taking care of Kids, Relaxing, Making Peace, Kayaking, Canoeing |

|Music Genre: Grunge, Heavy Metal, Techno, Rap l

|School Subject: Biology |

|Collectible: None l

|Technology: Laptops |

|Job: Pyschologist, Neuro-Surgeon |

|Activity: Kayaking, Wakeboarding, Water Skiing, Jet Skiing l


| Anime: Alot |

|Drink: Coke l

|Food: Peanut Butter l

|Scent: Wet Dog l

|Bug: Spiders l

|Flower: Dandelions l

lWord: ******** l

|Sentence: You are a trailer trash whore |

|School Subjects: Math, Chorus |

|Technology: Smart Phones |

|Job: Janitor |

|Animal: Ferret |

|Activity: Nothing |


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Oh wow, girl! <3 You still have this profile years later. ;w; How are you?
Black Star Soul

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Black Star Soul

i didnt know u wer trying to contact me ill see but u know i have a new phone number and idk if i have urs

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Black Star Soul

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Black Star Soul

hey there

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▒▒▓▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▓ copy to 5 profiles then click F5 for 500,000gg
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Dark Daisuke99

thanks! whee

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you forgot about me
Dark Daisuke99

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Dark Daisuke99

your avatar look really cute! 3nodding
I love it! heart


My name comes from two guys off fruit basket... :O