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This is Me

Hello i am Yuji Jr, half myistas and half Flame Haze, all together I am a Phoinix. Thats right a fire bird yokai that is vary rare. At a young age my parents died and i grew up on my own. A long life it was, all the way up to the point when i was the age of 4000 years old and finally died for the final time. However my story still holds alot, and so does the stroys of the ones that continue becuse of what i had done in my life.

Why the coat? Well this isn't just a normal coat, the coat belonged to my mother who i lost at the age of one. It's spechal and i carry it on my day and night. For more then one reasion though i cannot take it off. It's is a spechal coat. It was created by the first of the fire resion back in anchant times directly for my grandmother, my mother, and finally me and later on my doughter. It changes to the person that wares it, to batter match them, and the person has to be of the bloodline of my grandmother. When i put it one it became black with golden trimings. However that isn't all. My coat also acts as a demention. I can store anything in it, bif or small, and never loose or feel the wight of what is inside it. Always avalabe as long as i ware the coat. However now, recently upon my death i had givin my coat to my second doughter, Keria Yokai.

I have two bothers that i met in my life time, each i helped rase with there parents untill both lost there parents for helping me and such. So i we became brothers. Me, Master Fu, and Cc Yokai. The three brothers that fought hundreds of wars of all kinds, and millions of battles together. To my brothers out there, may you have a kind life, and remember me. Becuse i'm just that alsome. XD

More information about my entire storyline and information is located here, maybe a better discription of my character and life, PM me. And i will give you a coppy of my compleat file 0w0.

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i relize this was a bad pic but perhaps i can take a better one another day XD

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I have a few i drew post below ^W^ Comment if you wish.


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