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Uh.. HI i'm Kairu <3
a member since 03/2009
from Philippines.
I am a full-time graphic designer, cosplayer
and a hobbyist photographer
i also draw, chibis mostly

i am your daily dose of sunshine with a bit of brutal honesty.
i can be dense as fck. (i also curse a lot).
and i treat people the way i think they deserve to be treated.
but i'm generally nice C:

I cosplay too <3

Connect with me ? make sure to introduce yourself
my IG: @kappakairu
my FB: facebook.com/yuichi.kairuCosplay
my DA: yuichi-kairu.deviantart.com



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i drew dis

Kyle l ENTP l Asian l Cosplayer
l Anime Enthusiast l Kawaii AF l Graphic Designer l RLCs?
i do art stuff
i accept cheap RL commissions pm me

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