I don't uderstand the point of this who ''new profile thing'', but I guess some people want to know more about me.

I like THORWDS!! =D I also love 8 bit theatre. @_@ Help me with quest and I love for life!

Yeah!! XD
I don't know what to put in these things. If you want to know about me PM me....?

Questing for the Sashie poo!!
659ooo/3000ooo crying gonk

I just came back from a year and a half. . . My sash has gone up by 30 times. . . It makes me just wanna go away again. =_=

Can 107/5ooo
Boots 48/500 ?
Tires 41/1ooo ?


For the random by the Random

I plan to write about my life, and the randomness of it! YAY!!


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I remember wanting those forever ago. Then I didn't want them because. with a lot of items, I figured I would never wear them. Or at least not wear them enough. They go great with a lot of looks, though :3

Oh my! I would have been absolutely terrified and crying my eyes out D:

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Started trade. c:

Yeah, I get what you mean. I wouldn't be interested either, but I know there is at least one item a moth that passes through there that catches my eye. I can't help it ^^;

That sounds...terrifying. D:

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Um, not sure. Let me total them up real quick and I'll send a trade with a price? I'll mark them a bit lower than the shop price.

I know what you mean. The Cash Chop seems to give this idea of "pay to play" aspect. I guess it's good that I don't like an item out of there once in a blue moon so that I can save the gold up for it. The pixels are certainly gotten better over the years, which I agree is totally fab~

ORLY? o 3o
Darius D -deceased-

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Darius D -deceased-

(¤-going nude for charity-¤)
´·.¸.¤User Image¤.¸.·´

"Yup yup! She defiantly is extravagant!"

¤-sponsor me bishes-·´.¸.·´)
¤·´·.-for art like-.·´

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I gave you all the cans I had, you I have a bit more bait if you're interested. c:

I dunno'. I kind of like some changes, dislike others. I used to love the Cash Shop, but now it's releasing items so fast it's hard to keep up with, plus gold shops get a rare update. I love how the pixeling of items evolved, though! The blending of pixels, as well as the vast amount of colors available, is great. It's great to see a lot of different ways to make gold too, since the only way forever ago was through Jigsaw or the forums, unless you dabbled in the MP.

How about you? Any opinions on the changes over the years?

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It was no problem at all. I've actually been slowly selling some fishing bits, so thanks for taking those off my hands c:
Thanks! It's neat to run into a fellow '04 user as well! :3

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I know why. Because the Catfish surprised !! Hahahha! Just kidding but yeah it was fun biggrin ! Lets fish again sometime! twisted

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ty i'm happy smile
Lord MacNaughten

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Lord MacNaughten

Got it! smile
Lord MacNaughten

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Lord MacNaughten

You and me both! I'll PM you with my email!


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