Hello, various people I'm randomly giving items to.

I'm a cool guy, alright. I left Gaia because I no longer need this site as a coping tool for all the s**t in my life. I'm dealing with the issues without ignoring them or avoiding them, now.

Feel free to thank me if I toss an item your way, but don't feel indebted. Do something good for someone else.

I do have a facebook, and if you'd like to contact or add me, my extension is vahnm. Don't be alarmed--I'm pretty freakin' hot, and yes, I am indeed born in '89 (so at the time of me writing this, I'm 21).

And if you're on Steam, play tf2, and want to ******** around with a laggy troll, look for bacon-soap. I play as Bacon Soap on random servers, so if you see me and I keep doing stupid crap and dying constantly, yes, indeed, that is me.