Gabriela[: i'm fun, really outgoing,love to live life,very independant an i find myself to be alittle too matured for my age at times so forgive me if i seem like a smart a**. i love the besties & fam.like to just chill, skate,lovin photography,love music i would die without it,i play guitar so yea.. an i love to write.i'm crazy an wild an can be the dork of the century, but thats just how i am..i can be selfish at times but really loving to the ones who deserve it,.i am my own person no one will change that no matter how much you knock me down cuzz i'm strong enough to get back up.i have my moments where i can be as you say "emo" or a prep, tomboy wierdo or whatever,dont judge upon my age or looks because i'll prove you wrong in so many ways, i'd rather be different than the same as everyone else.i know i come off strong to new people but if you give me a chance i can be a great friend. heart biggrin