Ummm I'm gonna do my whole profile allll over again. 3nodding So yeah. :p

Errrr, I'm 16 [had to update that. Never bothered too loool] and I'm a girl for those who are confused. Uhhhh call me Ya-san or Ya-chan. Either one is fine with me. I hate these introduction thingies, so I'll sum it up.

What I don't like:

-Spammers and their spam
-Some veggies
-Not being able to go to my friend's house
-The limited time I have on the phone
-People bragging
-Racist people
-A failed attempt at restoring chivalry
-Sexist people
-People underestimating me because I'm a girl
-Those who talk behind my back

Other than that, I like anything else. There's some other stuff I don't like, which you'll get to know when you get to know me.

I love being random with my friends. But, those who start to pick a fight with me on Gaia, or any website for that matter, well, the battle is on. *smile*

I love the way Goths and Emos dress, and if I had a choice to express myself freely, I'd probably dress like them too. I love Lolita fashion and wish I had some Lolita dresses. The way J-rockstars dress is sooooo awesome. Especially the cute multi-colored hair. X3

My favorite band of all time is All American Rejects. There's no doubt about it, since I love almost all of their songs. However, I am tending to listen to more of Skillet lately. Other bands I like are in my interests.

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I love drawing. It's one of my passions, besides anime. You can see some samples at the end of this section. I may not be so good at drawing in the computer, but I am pretty good in real life.

Errrr I can do Avatar Art if you want. If you pay me 100 gold. It's not much to pay. Actually it's pretty cheap.

And also.........

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Never doing it again. >.< It was the most horrible experience in my life.

By the way, my favorite anime is Naruto. I'm also a fan of death note. L is so cute....and I found out his real name. *AHEM* Lawliet *AHEM*

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I laughed out loudly when I found out L's real name. I was like, "WTF?!?!?!?" xd But, whatever. I wants to own L. T^T

User Image L ish my squishy above all other squishies.

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The cutest Death Note cosplayers I've ever seen! heart

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Teh Stories of Moi

Ahhh my journal is like any other journal. Something to complain in and throw across the room and force your anger on it like any other person you want to take it out on. ^.^


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Yeah.. Angel, Cress and I have finally gotten together last night..XD Though I wasn't able to play in our usual time today, I'm hunting for eggs right now. biggrin Easter in zOMG! Hope we see each other soon though.


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