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Outlaw Star-Friends forever

Unable to identify Vimeo video URL.

parkour gone bad

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Shikaru202 Report | 02/06/2014 5:44 pm
User Image
Noitseuq Esnesnon Report | 11/22/2012 6:00 pm
Noitseuq Esnesnon
Cool avi, dude
Aloc Acoc Goblin Report | 04/15/2010 12:47 pm
Aloc Acoc Goblin
So, do you serve my favorite chocolate cake? "Death By Chocolate"?
Lost Melfanian Report | 02/06/2010 11:44 pm
Lost Melfanian
Psh. That doesn't mean anything.
There's guys that would prefer not to touch a gun just as well as there are women who enjoy it. :'P

'Course, I think I've known ye long enough that it should have been obvious you were the kind o' guy that wants to shoot things. xDD;
Lost Melfanian Report | 02/06/2010 11:24 pm
Lost Melfanian
... It's so simple, I should've guessed. xD;
Lost Melfanian Report | 02/06/2010 11:14 pm
Lost Melfanian

I've heard. o.o
Any particular reason ye want to join the military?
And which branch have ye plans to enter?
*waves at Erick* =D
Sounds like something Calli does. x3 <3
o.O; How'd Mike get there? xD;

And that sounds fun. :3

Tt was? O:
I only know Calli's~ xP
Happy belated. > >
*gives last-second cake with random number candles on it* :'D
Lost Melfanian Report | 02/06/2010 10:43 pm
Lost Melfanian
Eric cracked up. xDD We're outta grapes. =P
Robby's out for now. And we're hoping he doesn't get recalled for some stupid reason. *rolls eyes at gov't*
Mom nodded her head and said "alrighty then."

And I'm not sure if I should ignore me.
I mean... I might get offended!
Or worse, depressed.
I think I'll just let me get over it.
*nod* :3

Anywho~~ How are you? And family? ^ ^?
Lost Melfanian Report | 02/06/2010 10:34 pm
Lost Melfanian
Aww. :/
Ye'll catch one one day! *pumps fist* :'D

Yeah~~ Methinks one (or both) o' the bro's are excited for that to come out, too. :d

Everyone's livin' still.
Eric says he's dyin'.
Robby says "I dunno."
N' Mom says she's okay.
I didn't answer me when asked. ( I think I'm ignoring myself. D|)
Lost Melfanian Report | 02/06/2010 10:16 pm
Lost Melfanian
My stick!! D|
It was perfect, too!
The epitome of what a good stick should be!

... I guess that makes sense. xP
Ye could... buy other stuff to sell for more goldz. o.O;

Ah~ fishing.
I still don't play that. xD;
Catch anything super rare?
Lost Melfanian Report | 02/06/2010 10:05 pm
Lost Melfanian
Not sure? o.O
Think about it~ You could totally buy like... four of them. o:
If yer quick enough or the exact 250k ones aren't all gone. xP

Eh, not much.
Chattin' with a buddy in a thread.
Workin' on a random sketch.
Bothering your comment box with this stick. *holds up random stick*

What're you up to?
bunneh lacus-chan
Noitseuq Esnesnon

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