This Is Me

Hey. So my name is Lilly and I live in Washington. I'm 19.
I love to draw!
I have a baby, her name is Fudge and other than my best friend she is the love of my life biggrin I adore her so much! My little kitty.
My best friend is Alma c: She understands me and would do anything for me smile I truly love her with all my heart and I know she feels the same.
I love colors! My favorite ones are any shade of pink and blood red. so pretty.
I have three favorite bands. There's Blood on the Dance Floor (BOTDF) i love them -w- and there's Hedley and Rascal Flatts.
My favorite foods are ice cream, cake, and cheese, so tasty and good and stuff... just love them so much. I also love cashews... YUM!!
Not much else to say...
So Baii ^^