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My name is Allison and I'm a painter. It's what I do informally. I work at Tangeir's restauraunt almost every night these days, and obviously like most people on this site, I love anime >< I lost my father to the military and I miss him more everyday. He was my everything. I lost my mother-figure and only connection, only peice of my father left, to suicide.

My favorite band in the world is My Chemical Romance. They truly have saved my life, but besides that I listen to anything within these genres: Punk, Post Hardcore, Hardcore, Indie, Rock, Emo, Metal, Death Metal, Grunge, Classic, Screamo.

I believe love never stops just changes and that in this world your more likely to ******** up and become a failure than acomplish anything of value to society. I have a hard time trusting people and a harder time loving them. I have to say I don't have a strong beleif in God only because of all the crap that's happen. I'm trying to reform it though, it's harder then it looks though. It's probally because of all the bad influences I have been around, and still am around.

"What your favorite Color? Punk?" Pretty much, I love things to clash. Wild skirts, different tights, necklaces. I have a sickening obsession with Sharpies and Coffee. [It's so damn good.] I also love earing that are weird, but right now I have a safety pin through my ear :/ [It hurt like b***h]

I generall like to Paint, listen to music [as if it wasn't already painfully obvious], Roleplay [visit my guild], skateboard, hang out, go to concerts [way to much...], and hang-out with the people who matter to me most.

My friends are my world. Even if I don't have that many at all they are. My dad was and still is my best friend, I hope to god he's happy where ever he is. I still miss him everyday. Natasha was like a mother to me but unfortunetly she is gone from this earth as well. Otherwise I have good friends, like Greta and Chelcie.

"We're not here to pay a compliment, Or sing about the government, Oxycontin genocide, Adolescent suicide, I'll give you my sincerity, Don't give a ******** about a Kennedy, Here's what I've got to say." [My Chemical Romance]

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Pains And Tears And All My Fears.

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Lelila_Temari Report | 05/25/2007 6:54 am
hey we still gonna write that thing?
Migeru-No-Kasutoro Report | 05/21/2007 6:25 am
Ola, remember me?
Princess Fief Report | 04/29/2007 2:49 pm
Princess Fief
ADroog247 Report | 04/06/2007 11:36 pm
your quite the amazing one.
HappyxHardxCore Report | 04/04/2007 10:56 am
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Migeru-No-Kasutoro Report | 04/01/2007 12:21 am
nice profile update
Chocolate Parakeet Report | 03/31/2007 10:25 pm
Chocolate Parakeet
u know u lurve me for sending you that picture.
Your Taste Of Chaos Report | 03/31/2007 12:20 pm
Your Taste Of Chaos
XaeonOmega Report | 03/28/2007 12:56 pm
Heh you subscribed to me.. on youtube I only have two videos..
Chocolate Parakeet Report | 03/27/2007 1:58 pm
Chocolate Parakeet
one day allison.......


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"This World Will Never Be What I Expected And If I Don't Belong Who Would've Guessed It?"

Chocolate Parakeet

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