l o l w h u t

This. Thiiiiiiiiiiis.
I forgot about this.
Uh. This account of mine is like four or five years old. I haven't touched it since I was sixteen. Ohgeez. That feels like forever ago.
Uh. What to say... I'm in college? Uuuhhh... freelance artist? Yeah. That's good. I can say that.
Here - some links.
My Blogspot & My deviantART
So... Yeah. I like commissions, but currently I'm not open for any because my a** is getting kicked by classes and work.
I do, however, enjoy RPing. Literate/Adv.Lit. as I think were the usual tags on Gaia, because I enjoy descriptive narrative, third-person point of view, punctuation, and grammar.

Genres I Like
-X-Men/Marvel comics, some DC-
-Period-based (1920s, Victorian age, Renaissance, etc)-
-Basically a lot of crap, just toss me an idea, man, srsly-

Aaaaaand yeah.... that, uh.... that's about it....
I'm maybe open to being bribed with Gaia gold for a commission.


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The goings-on in your bodily cavities...

Between your bones...

Ever wondered what marvels went on in between your bones in those little spaces called synovial cavities? Find out, luvs.


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Ones Pink

Report | 02/06/2015 6:44 pm

Ones Pink

you don't know me. I love your avi's look. I saw it on a friend's page.
Projectile Pillager

Report | 12/24/2007 10:41 am

Projectile Pillager

Happy holidays.
- Twilight Scorn -

Report | 11/26/2007 9:51 am

- Twilight Scorn -

I know right, yeah I go by Twilight or Scorn now... I still keep Lost around... I may go back to it someday...
- Twilight Scorn -

Report | 11/21/2007 5:57 pm

- Twilight Scorn -

Oh Cavaties, I missed you! My old account is ~[LostCause]~

You are still one of the best damned people I have Rped with!
Maoko Chan

Report | 11/20/2007 6:04 pm

Maoko Chan

i like joor signature pic User Image
Venia Letum

Report | 08/19/2007 11:58 pm

Venia Letum

O RLY? very good!!!!!

Report | 08/19/2007 11:34 am


GASP!!!! you have just been randomely commented for no apperent reason what so evere

Report | 08/18/2007 7:54 pm


Gaia FTW!

Report | 08/17/2007 5:54 pm


so colorful

Report | 08/15/2007 6:31 am


You are interesting. Thank you for the tale.


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