my letter to you

while your reading this there must be over a million things you are thinking. forget them. i just wanted to say you were right. about me. about everything. this is me for the first time in my life letting something go. I know you asked me not to but i needed you to see this letter. I'm not here to fight or plot or protest anything. all i wanted was for you to know you were right and for me to say thank you. thank you for all the smiles for the rays of hope & happyness for the memories & for everything that you an i were. I can't say how sorry i am for everything & putting you in that position. We both have alot to catch up on next time i see your beautiful face around. After you've read this let me know somehow you saw so that i can delete my gaia for good. We both need to move on but i doubt we can if THIS damn avitar exsists.
p.s.I loved you & Do Love You & ALWAYS will nomatter what.