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twisted Welcome~ twisted
Here's what you need to know about me:
Name: Chaos.
Age: 25 (in human years)
Gender: Female
Race: Shapeshifter; Most common forms- Succubus/Reaper
Orientation: Pansexual
Interests/Hobbies: Role-playing, reading, drawing and watching movies/anime.
Dislikes: Disobedient people and beggars.
You may randomly add/PM me.
I may seem slightly intimidating, however I am very approachable.
My personality depends on my mood.
I can be cute and cuddly one moment then perverse and violent the next.
But mainly, I'm obnoxious and random. dramallama
Feel free to get to know me, although you have been warned~

DISCLAIMER: I am married in real life. If that bothers you, don't bother me. KayThanksBye <3



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Random thoughts and Avi Art.


I try to make my prices the lowest buy price.
If you see something you want, but cannot afford, PM me.
I am usually a pretty nice person so I may be able to cut a deal with you.
Other than that, please feel free too look around.
- Chaos


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