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Patrick Drake Small
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WEll it's about time i re-do this s**t .
Wsup everybody, I barely be on here so if ou REALLY need me just PM for my number or fck with my twitter @highlifepatt. Umm, Iv'e been looking for a job lately and so far it sucks. Im out here in New Orleans doing my thing though. Going out from time to time and enjoying life. Hope everybody else is doing the same. Okay, so ima add some more s**t on toward this. I barely have time for this s**t but when i do you know ima log on. I left Gaia for a reason. I got too attached to this cyber s**t,spending my money on un-realistic s**t,tryna find love on a game,and feeling to much towards someone. I feel like i spent a part of my life on here so it was time for me to grow up. Although i did find love on here, the thing that separates me from that is this s**t. So without a doubt i might return here and catch up with friends that i haven't talk too in a while but yea if you need me, I'll be over here In New Orleans,Louisana living like a teenager should.

Roll up another one Dun.

''******** your ethnicity "