☆ quotes ☆

"You led me into this trap!!"

"I was tricked! The Triple Changers!
They told me it was a power station!"

"You are either lying, or you're stupid!"

"I'm stupid! I'm stupid!"


"Wait ! I still function !"

"Wanna bet ?"

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☆ a quick hello, goodbye. ☆

cv0nican on 11/27/2020
- Late Night Tea - on 10/23/2020
Forever Masked on 04/30/2020
bubbys boy on 01/21/2020
Flames Fuel on 01/11/2020
Pierrot of St Germain on 11/22/2019
twootsieroll on 10/18/2019

☆ abt we ☆

☆ this user is the core of a system of about 16 alters

☆ you can call me fritz, but anything and everything else is great!

☆ some of us share this account, thats why theres been a spike in activity!

☆ danganronpa + homestuck + invader zim + transformers are my whole existence

☆ i am taken by the greatest boyfriends ive ever had holy H E C K

☆ i love making my avi feminine its almost like a hobby honestly

☆ i occasionally art too
young and irrelevant
bro what the HECK
bubbys boy