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I use these to cover mah butt



Greetings, mortal.

I am Youko Inari, though you might remember me by one of these other names:
Himemiya Inari

I respond to Youko, Inari, Ina, Kit, Kitty, or really any other variation of my username.

Anyway, a bit about me...

My role here on Gaia has changed over the years. When I first joined, it was to roleplay. I still enjoy RPing immensely, but I've run into trouble finding RPs that hold my interest and live up to my standards, so I tend to only do 1x1s with people I already know. If you want me for an RP, feel free to approach me. At the very least, I'll hear you out.

Nowadays, I spend most of my time in the WG forum. I like the games and I like the people. While I am not nearly as active on Gaia as I used to be, that's where to find me if I'm around. I've sort of held on to my RPer roots by dressing up my avatar as my characters and giving character-specific responses. It's like... diet roleplaying.

I very much like chatting, so if you ever desire to know more about me, you are welcome to engage me in conversation. ^_^

Let's get these out of the way:

Inari's FAQ

Q: Wait, you're a girl?
A: Guilty.

Q: Why is your avatar male?
A: It isn't. I guess it just looks that way sometimes? I did have the male base for a while, but what my avatar looks like and what I look like have very little in common.

Q: Sooo... pronouns?
A: Feminine IRL, but I'm not gonna get twitchy.

Q: Are you gay?
A: I'm ecstatic.

Q: Are you a furry or anything of that ilk?
A: Nope.

Q: Are you Japanese?
A: No. I speak a little of the language and I study Japanese history and folklore for fun, but I'm not Japanese. I don't live in Japan either.

Q: What does your username mean?
A: "Youko" (妖狐) is a somewhat uncommon term that is usually translated as "spirit fox." I won't pretend that I wasn't inspired by Yu Yu Hakusho's Youko Kurama. "Inari" (稲荷) is the name of a Shinto deity commonly associated with foxes. You've heard of "Moon Moon"? I'm basically "Fox Fox."

Q: Did you name yourself after the Inari's Beads item?
A: No. I predate the item by about three years.

Q: I remember you as "Himemiya Inari." Why'd you change your name?
A: Drama.

Q: Will you teach me Japanese?
A: No.

Q: Will you add me to your friends?
A: If you're not a WGer or someone I know in real life, probably not. I'm happy to chat with people, but I like to keep my friends list fairly trim.

Q: Are you on hiatus?
A: Not so much "on hiatus" as much as "largely disinterested in Gaia."
I still pop in every now and then, but I think it's safe to call me "mostly inactive"
at this point.

That ought to do it.

Moving on!

I'm a gamer! Check out this list for games we could play together!
Please play with me


Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Samurai Warriors 4/4-II

Warriors Orochi 3: Ultimate

Toukiden: Kiwami


Wii U

Super Smash Bros. Wii U

Mario Kart 8

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

Pokkén Tournament


Pokemon Sun/Moon

Pokemon X/Y
Pokemon Friend Safari: Mightyena, Sneasel, Inkay

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby

Super Smash Bros. 3DS

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Fire Emblem Fates



Age of Empires II

Age of Empires III

Don't Starve Together

Elder Scrolls Online

Guild Wars 2:
Server: Ferguson's Crossing

Diablo III:

The Sims 3

You've reached the end!

This profile is almost always under construction. Can you think of anything else I should put here?


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Thee Magical Yuri Toaster Report | 12/25/2016 8:50 pm
Thee Magical Yuri Toaster

Thee Magical Yuri Toaster Report | 12/24/2016 7:10 pm
Thee Magical Yuri Toaster
Thank you for dropping something off for me. :3


I'll open it tomorrow! *stares at all the gifts under the tree and sweats*

Hope you like yours as well!
Majikina Report | 12/24/2016 11:31 am
You're welcome! I love youuuuu~ <3
Hope you have a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!
Majikina Report | 12/24/2016 9:45 am
Well, I HOPE I made your yuletide gay is what I did~ User Image
Archiduquesa Akako Report | 12/18/2016 7:18 am
Archiduquesa Akako

        frands? emotion_kirakira

        fraaands. emotion_hug
Archiduquesa Akako Report | 10/18/2016 4:09 pm
Archiduquesa Akako

        you're welcome c:
        ps awesome awesome avi
Archiduquesa Akako Report | 10/18/2016 7:28 am
Archiduquesa Akako

        I just came here to tell you exactly what Goldfinch did !

        I enjoyed myself with that thank you so much ; w;
GoIdfinch Report | 10/17/2016 2:36 pm
I loved your post in the records thread!
Very well Hamilton'd. emotion_kirakira
izuna_13_13 Report | 09/05/2016 9:08 am
AtreeX Report | 05/27/2016 3:09 pm
-- I got cut off.
After you're back, of course.
I hope you have tons of fun! <3


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Thanks, Houkito!




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I've been on Gaia since 2005 and I've never once touched the journal, so this ought to be interesting. I think I'll just use it to log the different character avatars I'll be using since that's a thing I'm getting into now.