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Gender: Female

Location: Underworld

Occupation: Bridge Princess


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Cosplay Information

I'm jealous of the light above ground. ~*~
~*~*~ I'm jealous of the gentle breezes.

A worker left over from the previously active Hell, Parsee Mizuhashi is a Hashihime who guards the bridge between life and death. Her job, to make sure those who cross to the underworld do so safely, and that those who wish to escape the underworld do not cross through.

Name: Mizuhashi Parsee
Estimated Age: 1400 years
Species: Hashihime
Origin: Touhou Project
Game: Subterranean Animism

However, due to her own disposition, she had grown jealous of those whom she was supposed to guard, whom could cross freely while she was cursed to stay, and went mad from her own emotions. To this day she still guards that bridge, but because she lacks the abiity to trust others, none are willing to pass through her bridge. Those who do risk getting attacked.

Despite her malevolent disposition, Parsee is infact a normal-seeming person. Saying hello shouldn't cause any harm. Just don't overstay the welcome, lest one finds themselves biting off more than they can chew.

Occupation: Bridgekeep
Threat Level: Medium
Human Friendship Level: None
Main Place of Activity: "Former Hell" (Hell of Blazing Fires, Jigoku)

Parsee, being a Hashihime, is infact a type of god. A bridge-guarding god, heartbroken and jealous, her heart wounded over him whom she thought were her lover, her trust betrayed by those whom she thought loyal. She has a human disposition at her core, and her malevolence made her coveted in times of war, for protecting villages from those who may wish to invade from beyond their borders. However, it's due to that same disposition, that her intentions have been misread, and that she's now considered a youkai.

~*~ I don't have anything against you, but
I can make up lots of reasons to attack you. ~*~*~

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Parsee is not an elf or a troll, she is a Hashihime. Please do not call her otherwise.

This is my main account, though I hardly get on due to life reasons and obligations to other sites.
For those of you who wish to get in contact with me easier, I can be found on my tumblr URL: themonsterwithgreeneyes.

I will try to check in when I can, but those of you who wish to interact with Parsee are best doing so on that site.
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