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Stuff People I Owe

My soul:

to Omoletto, for the first ever drawing of me. ;u;
(thank u, I luv u)
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to Maiden Chick Beam for the v cute drawing.
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to MALISSA (bless you, it REEKS adorableness)
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to Tertulia (AAAA, THANK YOU)
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My Butt:
you wish, lol



You Cant Escape Fate's avatar

Birthday: 11/05

The More You know

Welcome to my profile!!! Im Fate and I came to haunt you for the rest of your life. emotion_yatta

Idle in my 20's, random as Hell.
Currently stealing wi-fi from the neighbors. (they know, lol)
Gender fluid, just like water. Pan, as a pancake. (any pronouns accepted)
I may be slow at times due to my ADD launching fireworks in my brain.
Typos are like Gucci in grammar, so please appreciate them. emotion_donotwant
Excessive sugar eater, hide them cakes. emotion_drool
Hardcore gamer for obscure titles.
zOMG! expert (not)


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