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aoki Report | 07/08/2020 10:29 am


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Sab Exists Report | 07/07/2020 11:46 am
Yeah! That song is a masterpiece emotion_bigheart
danny skell harle Report | 07/07/2020 9:09 am
your profile looks so fcking cute andy
Sab Exists Report | 07/05/2020 10:49 pm
Me appreciate you notice it! You're one of a kind cat_3nodding
aoki Report | 07/03/2020 1:41 pm

love your avi ~

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Shylos X Report | 06/25/2020 11:37 am
I was able to see them once, it was really the only true opportunity I've gotten and it was fantastic. Defeater and Native were with them which made it all the better! 5 times, that makes me envious!
Shylos X Report | 06/24/2020 4:12 pm
Fantastic! Solid ref, solid name, solid band!
Shylos X Report | 06/08/2017 2:58 pm
Username a La Dispute ref? I sure hope so.
Nimty Report | 02/25/2016 4:10 pm
why thank you!! User Image
Izumii Pop Report | 12/17/2015 1:28 am
love the song on ur pro

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