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Yoshi's Blabbering

Alright, my journals are not meant to offend any one person specifically, or preferably anyone. But rather express my point of view on a matter with that person, or subject, in a humorous/serious manner. Feel free to pm me topics!

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Elegantly Egotistic Report | 07/12/2013 3:10 am
Elegantly Egotistic
Hey. I was flipping through some old saved PMs and found some from you. I just wanted to let you know that you are really a great dude, and I still remember you as one and a good friend. c:

Hope you have been doing well, and that you will be doing well in the future!
Keo_love Report | 09/26/2012 3:08 pm
"cool avi"
smokey gia Report | 05/29/2012 10:02 am
smokey gia
Thanks for buying, Peace!
dvangelion Report | 05/28/2012 1:02 pm
Thanks for the buy bro.
acrid hime Report | 04/18/2012 10:57 pm
acrid hime
I promise. surprised
acrid hime Report | 04/18/2012 9:58 pm
acrid hime
P.S. Know of any rps to join? I've been kinda doing nothing but vending of late, and that's starting to get beyond boring.
acrid hime Report | 04/18/2012 9:51 pm
acrid hime
Couldn't you PM a mod and ask why it got removed?
And good luck for your training.

You celebrate the halfway? What to do you do?

And I've been slugging through senior year, getting ready for the AP test and finals coming soon... and prom. D:
Wtf do I do for prom? So glad I have friends who enjoy planning for events.
I think I've been just coasting through life so far... It's not bad, but not that great.
acrid hime Report | 04/18/2012 9:17 pm
acrid hime
I do. I'm sorry. >:
And alright.

But what's up? Been a while
ChoiWoon Report | 04/18/2012 12:36 am
thank you for buying from my store~
acrid hime Report | 04/16/2012 6:53 pm
acrid hime
Duuuuuude. You remember that art shop that we tried?
Want to join a new one...?

What I am...

Good friends can call me Yoshi-kun/Yoshi/Yuri, sometimes Perv ^^; feel free to call me any of the above! I won't bite! I actually read my mail, so feel free to pm me! Oh and I'm a guy, you're a real friend if you still know me after finding out, instead of walking out.
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Want to add me on the psn? Tell me you're from gaia in the friend request!
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Well, I got a job now! Been working for 7, 8 months now? Moved into my own place with a room mate, got a cat, going for assistant manager position in March. Scared out of my bloody mind, and enjoying it all at the same time. Going to do a journal on everything that's happened in the past year like an autobiography of sorts, but shorter. And yeah. Got mass effect 3 pre ordered, looking into Dust 514, got APB running on the new laptop I bought myself. I have a girl I care about <# who knows who she is. I'm happy as I've ever been, ever.

Who am I? A roleplay crazed individual that truly believes they are part cat at heart, and would sell their soul and or body to be a neko any day o3o I'm also a Grammar Nazi* when it comes to spelling in role plays, I am only illiterate on CB forums, pm's, or similar areas, but will bash myself for it in a role play. I can be rather perverted or serious, immature or professional, depressing or enlightening, varying moods make me who I am so live with it. I love the drums, have taken lessons for a year a bit ago and I still pursue it to the best of my ability. Also a pretty consumed gamer, you'll often find me selling a bit more of my soul to a game every day. Emoticons are a must!

grammar nazi*

A person who criticizes someones grammar, spelling, and/or punctuation, usually in an online setting. While they are often seen as uptight assholes who really need to get a life, it should be noted that they point out simple flaws that often show a lack of intelligence on the part of the person being criticized.
Example: That grammar nazi's an ass, but he is right that you're wrong.

Warning: I can be; Awkward, Smart (?), Quiet, Annoying, Short tempered, Tired, Eager, A little crazy, Easy going, Sick minded, and Extremely stupid at any given time... So forgive me! gonk

Like: Avi art, video games, manga, anime, comedy, drums, music in general, role playing, a drink or two, and things on my wish list.

Hate: Coffee, little kids, Spoiled brats, Pop/ hip-hop, Country, Coffee time Spanish, G.W.Bush, Money, Motion sickness, anyone who is racist, sexist, or homophobic, close mined.

That's pretty much all you need to know...For now.. Enjoy my profile and feel free to read everything! even the journal ^^

Ask me questions! Logical, or illogical, I will respond! razz
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The Dante's Inferno has banished me to the Fourth Level of Hell! Violence! gonk

Quotes ("." wink I like and have found/ Song lines (...#...)
"And that is why toaster pastries will burst into flames if you don't keep an eye on them!"
"Somebody pull this burrito out of my ass!"
"Smile you f*cker!"
Q:"A/S/L?" A:"69/transvestite/your anus."
"Dun't you worry your pruddy little head, I'll furgure this out."
"I'm not falling, the whole world is just coming up to say hello."
"Beer, helping ugly people get laid for 2,000 years."
"They who fears the thorns, may never smell the rose."
"A smart man answers correctly, a wise man never asks the question."
"Why is there 6 pedals if there's only 4 directions!"
"Dreamers build castles in the sky. Engineers put foundations under them."
I'm not listening to you! You aren't one of my voices.
"I'm not saying. I'm just saying."
"Flying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss."
"Evil needs to exist to justify the Good in their actions."
"A person is only as good as their actions, not their cover."
"A man is not the reflection of his life, But rather the reflection of his choices in life."
"It is only when one reaches a crossroad the they truly know who they are."
"I bet Five... Five Cacti..."
"You think a tracer can stop me?! Ayyhahahahahahaa!
"I bid 60 rubles on the Saxophone Lesbians"
"Cactus,cactus, cactus, cactus... Cactus, cactus... And cactus!"
"Balls of steel!"
"I'll rip off your head and sh*t down your neck!"
"Leeroy Jinkins!"
"Speak softly and carry a big stick."
"I gotta save me some cheerleaders!"
"Bob Dole..."
V-Dukem Nukem-V
"Why do they always take the hot ones?"
"Time to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and I'm all out of gum!"
"Balls of steel!"
"I'll rip off your head and sh*t down your neck!"
"Your face, your ass, whats the difference?"
"You're and inspiration for birth control."
"Hail to the king baby!"
"'The beds are bolted to the floor and walls!' 'That is what wrenches are for, dumb-ass'"
"I heard bullets taste like chicken!"
" 'We put a lot of money into you Logan-' 'And pointy things!' "

Quotes by me biggrin
"I am what you see, everything and more so, but never less. "
"He who fears the thorns, may never smell the rose."
"We are, who we are, and no one should want to change that but yourself."
"Our lives are short, and life is dull, take a chance, and make it interesting, you'll never regret it."
"True determination never breaks, it never needs to be replaced, and it never looses."
"That sour forbidden fruit, it was sweet at first, no?"
"Dreams are a reality, you just haven't found the door yet."

Who-Donation > THANK YOU!
xXF A N T A S Y L I O NXx-A lot...A LOT, and a lot> Luvs razz
XxDragonbabexX- Kottan Bell> Thank you!
Silentspawn- Dark Halo> for proving humanity can show random acts of kindness

Some things I want! Though I'll never ask, it doesn't mean I wouldn't bounce around the room with glee if you send me something. Also might be tempted to do art for a small donation. I'm very thorough about planning art ._.

Finally some art from others, thanks goes out to those who made them! The artists' name will be above the work if you wish to compliment them! Or better, ask for more!
I love avi art! It makes and awesome gift ^^

Elegant Sonata
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Formaldehyde Comas
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Ember Babe
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T h e C a r d M a s t e r
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