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You can criticize me all you like about my username, but I currently don't any intentions of changing it back. Proud B2UTY and Melody (BtoB) and Starlight (VIXX) among a few more. Cha Hakyeon and Lee Hongbin ruined my life bias list but Seobbie forever has a place as my favorite main vocal.

I am female, yes, and unfortunately, I don't know Korean (yet). One day... but for now, I'm best at English and okay at some conversational Chinese.

And for the most part, I'll try to avoid talking about K-pop but I'm generally open that I like it. Except at work.

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KaraTheStar Report | 04/17/2016 9:19 pm
Sarangyao emotion_bigheart
mintycherrii Report | 12/13/2014 2:48 am
✧ ♥♡♥♡ (✿ฺ´∀`✿ฺ)ノ

Aww you're too nice, Wish! ; ^; ♥
Thank you so much ; // o//; ♥

♡♥♡♥ ✧
panties overrated Report | 12/12/2014 5:07 pm
panties overrated
felt like four months...oh wait

naw actually it felt like forever ago emotion_sweatdrop
for a while i've been feeling like the summer was ancient history, but at the same time i look back and it seems like it's been no time at all. i guess it's because i didn't have to factor in school. : x

anywhoo it's pretty good so far
except i think i flunked my first math quiz of the year today
but that's alright

you? emotion_hug
panties overrated Report | 12/05/2014 4:46 pm
panties overrated
I said a year but..
mintycherrii Report | 12/04/2014 4:24 am
✧ ♥♡♥♡ (✿ฺ´∀`✿ฺ)ノ

Aww thank you! > ^<
But it's not as cute as I want it to be? ; _; haha

♡♥♡♥ ✧
Mo_4011 -Anon- Report | 11/14/2014 7:22 pm
Mo_4011 -Anon-
(xD Honestly, I would like to be a bus driver. I'd love to be that good at driving one day, since I can't even get my license yet, I'd love to have an awesome job like that, sure it's dangerous, but you get to travel all day, run around with a bus... They kinda have a little family with so many of them, & they help so many people everyday too! : D and honestly I guess I can't really help obsessing daydreaming about the bus drivers a bit, since I see them so often & don't really have anyone that I spend time with anymore... -Is a bad Writer- Mostly my wishes got dumped on Mo, although since I didn't have much of a story for him to start with and killed Lotus, maybe that's not such a bad thing. Why? Why would someone WILLINGLY volunteer for retail hell?)

Outlier sweat dropped at this, but Wish had a point, caffine is dehydrating, which can cause blood vessels to dilate, leading to head aches and high blood pressure... Yet another thing Mo didn't need to know from the neighborhood surgical psychopath. Instead he just shrugged as they boarded the bus. "Eh... Better than smoking at least? I don't do that still." Mo glowered out the window. As far as he knew, she'd had the day off. "Not if Jimmy was late too... Eh, I was probably gonna get yelled at for something anyway. Let's go 9." 135: "Uh... You're the bus driver remember? C'mere. And Mo's wanted in White Plains at the main garage, Miss. ... Does that mean I'm playing 5?"

(Oh dear, are you getting time at home just to unwind at least? Best of luck on your tests. -Huggles- I've been horrible attendance wise, I mean between work & school and I had no internet for the start of the month, but still)
xMlU Report | 11/03/2014 2:21 am
hiyaaa wishhh!!!
*is tackled
mintycherrii Report | 11/02/2014 4:06 am
✧ ♥♡♥♡ (✿ฺ´∀`✿ฺ)ノ

Haha yes that's because I wear wigs a lot lately XD
Thank you so much btw! ; v; <33
I've been too lazy to dye my hair again (My tips are now just blonde/bleached) and I can't choose between blue, that pink or purple/lavender ; v; haha
And no need to thank! > v< thank you for your interest haha ; v; ♥

♡♥♡♥ ✧
mintycherrii Report | 10/24/2014 12:13 pm
✧ ♥♡♥♡ (✿ฺ´∀`✿ฺ)ノ

Ohhh I'm darkbrown haired! ; v;
But I dye my tips pink! > v<
x , x, x

Pics of my real hair haha ; v;

♡♥♡♥ ✧
Empty Rice Bowl Report | 10/20/2014 3:32 am
Empty Rice Bowl
yeah i do uwu
and i get it next week ;v;


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Art by Minty bat~
Can't afford to buy art on Gaia anymore >w> thanks for the hyperinflation.

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Formerly Delicate Wish, please call me DW/Wish/Deli, go by my old name.


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