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what u want to see me in ;)




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all you need to know about me

Hey am Yorri .

am not on this site much so i dont bother doing up my page xD

i like to read anime and manga biggrin

and i love talking to new ppl

so buddy me and talk when ever u want i will get back to u as soon as posible smile

and dont be afraid if i start coming on to u or start being realy flirty i do that some times wink
girls or guys it dosent mater to me hehe


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Akirell Report | 12/31/2009 9:02 am
Dude. Seriously.

Reply to my comment, or I'll turn your face into coal.
freyatiche Report | 09/05/2008 2:02 pm
LMFAO!!! thats tru...hmmm but guys who spike their hair are lyk...
....awesome! lmao...n technically i cant dress funny cus wer on uniform...;P
freyatiche Report | 09/01/2008 12:57 pm
tru dat tru dat...
im kind of scared though...cus im gonna be new...
all the stares im gonna receive...its creepy...
freyatiche Report | 08/30/2008 5:49 pm
gud for you! I was today too cus we had a partteeee!!
fun fun fun! xept i keep remembering skool. XD
freyatiche Report | 08/30/2008 10:04 am
mehh i guess ur right...but still
soo how about u how u doin girl?
Deus Infornographic Report | 08/29/2008 1:11 pm
Deus Infornographic
Its alright, I'm doing ok.
freyatiche Report | 08/28/2008 11:44 am
well...the usual..lazyy as hell
gosh i cant believe only a couple of days till skool
mannnn...i soo do not wanna do hmwrk rytt now..
freyatiche Report | 08/28/2008 9:58 am
oohh really? thnk you yorri-chan ^_^
Ashneva Report | 08/21/2008 1:54 pm
anytime doll wink
lord-kensington Report | 08/18/2008 5:50 pm
It has been a while, things are complicated with me at the mo, however I'm ok. Hows things with you?

lol time to own ppl

dam right partner xD