About Mee^^

biggrin I´m Nikki , i'm 24 years old, i live in The Netherlands

Things that i like:

-Books; Fantasy,& Manga =3 Take me away to a land of the Impossible.

-Music; Fall out boy, paramore something like that <3 (just no rap/country, please )


-Animals (Huskys,Tigers,wolfs and Rats) =]

-White Chocolate & foots

-Good People; They make me smile

-Laughter; I like to smile, a lot

-Internet; so many things to find in one very convenient location


Things that i dont like:

-Extreme Cold; I prefer being warm, thanks =3

-Arrogant People

- Insects

Thats about it, if you want to know more or you want to talk to me? don't hestitate please! just talk and ask questions! or add me as a friend ! 4laugh