Hello there person that accidently stumbled upon my profile biggrin *waves*

No idea what to write.

I'm yenyit and I'm asian haha. I live in Vancouver, BC, and yes it's beautiful here smile . I'm 24 and getting older :'(. I'd prefer to make friends around my age but it doesn't matter that much. I may be boring to talk to at first, but once I get to know you and know what I can talk about, things can get pretty random biggrin ...or even more boring if we're both way off...on the...topics of interest? xd (can't think of the right word right now).

I'm a loner LOL *lame*

I like electronica music, leaning more towards the house side of things.

I mostly read Forgotten Realms *glances at my bookshelf* and other fantasy novels biggrin ....I like swords and magic xd

I guess you can call me a writer...as in a writer that doesn't actually write stories but only creates fantasy characters, creatures, equipment, and worlds and not use them for a story cuz I suck at actually writing a story x.x....if you can write a story and need a world or characters, ask me biggrin

I have a PS3, fav game for it would be Valkyria Chronicles heart

I make lots of typos, but I did try to spell check this

I wear glasses? sweatdrop

Told ya I don't know waht to write razz

Thanks for coming by biggrin *waves*
I got my page from coolpresets.com