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Yay It's Molly's Blog!

My Gaian/real life.


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Cxnidaee Report | 04/16/2019 5:36 am
you're welcome ^u^
SmexySerpent Report | 04/15/2019 8:37 pm
np hehe heart
Ratholin Report | 10/13/2017 8:04 pm
yay vacation biggrin
Ratholin Report | 10/11/2017 7:17 pm
thanks. how have you been?
Ratholin Report | 10/10/2017 10:16 pm
It was just a cold
Jinjoh Mamba Report | 08/30/2017 3:25 pm
Jinjoh Mamba
Your welcome Molly!!! I'm glad you liked it >w<
Nepeta Vantas Report | 08/28/2017 3:32 pm
Nepeta Vantas
You're welcome and Jinjoh says you're welcome *hugs*
Nepeta Vantas Report | 08/26/2017 4:41 pm
Nepeta Vantas
Make sure you see the other comment I sent first and I am so sorry I missed your birthday. Jinjoh says happy birthday and she hopes you had a wonderful time
Nepeta Vantas Report | 08/26/2017 4:34 pm
Nepeta Vantas
AHHH, I'm sorry I missed your birthday! Gaia did not tell me it was your birthday!! Happy late birthday emotion_facepalm now to go find a gift
Nepeta Vantas Report | 07/26/2017 3:20 pm
Nepeta Vantas
I'm good! How are you?

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