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sweatdrop sweatdrop guess I should explain who I am...? redface redface
I love anime, fanfiction, manga, you name it. I'm a beginning cosplayer and I love the hobby so far.

I also write as a hobby (tbh, I prefer to type)
I'm 16 years of age biggrin
I can't stand slow internet/laptops but hey, at least it works rofl

I do not like doing this.
Favorite anime: InuYasha razz if you love InuYasha too, you're automatically a friend!
After visiting this page, do 15 sit ups.
And to close this off... love me.

If you've got a Wattpad, we can talk there too ^-^ and check out each other's works.
PM me to talk about anything ^-^ I'm an open book, a blessing and a curse.

okey, buh-bye c:
add me
or don't
it's fine
seriously, it's fine.


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Milky Bubbles Report | 11/05/2015 5:03 am
Milky Bubbles
I hope you're doing well, you hopped on when I wasn't so I totally missed you. > u>;
Fuzzarium Report | 10/31/2015 1:27 pm
User Image Yashzie, what's up? School? We haven't really talked recently sweatdrop
~Jazz the dragon
AranelKassy Report | 10/12/2015 8:41 pm
I MISS YOU! WE NEED TO TALK MORE. heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart
chonpiras Report | 08/15/2015 6:40 am
Happy birthday! I hope you enjoy it. Have a great day.
Fuzzarium Report | 06/25/2015 8:01 pm
Someone gave me it now so. It's the 'I am' dragon I'm wearing right now. Best of it, is, it's in the animal version! biggrin
Fuzzarium Report | 06/25/2015 4:08 pm
I'm 3 billion coins away to my most-wanted wishlist item. crying
Fuzzarium Report | 06/24/2015 11:56 am
Like, you know where you dress up your avatar? Look above your avatars head - you should see a part of a human head on a bar. When you unlock more bases, for example, if you wear the cat fur I gave you, it should unlock a cat base. Whenever you wanna be human, look above your character's head at that bar - you should see the 'heads'. So, if you want to switch between a human or a animal, just look at that bar and click the base's head on what one you want to be!
Fuzzarium Report | 06/24/2015 11:47 am
Of course! You just click the bases, cat head = cat base, human head = human base, wolf-ish head = wolf base, and so on.
Enin Fon Fal-seth Report | 06/24/2015 11:46 am
Enin Fon Fal-seth
4laugh sup
Fuzzarium Report | 06/24/2015 11:40 am
Just dress your avatar & look for it!


Dabs Selling Thread![/align:a641e7fbb1]

[b:a641e7fbb1]Valiant Shaman
[strike:a641e7fbb1]Smore Memory[/strike:a641e7fbb1]
[strike:a641e7fbb1]My Amiable Neighbor[/strike:a641e7fbb1]
Steal Some Manners
Widowed Cobweb Courtier
Astra: Inversion[/b:a641e7fbb1]


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